Japanese See Through Water Cake Is Shaped Like A Cat And We Can See Why It's Going Totally Viral

Water cake is a huge hit. It’s a jiggly dessert from Japan that looks exactly like a big drop of water. It was first served by a sweet shop in Yamanashi, and became popular in no time. This fantastic looking desert also gave ideas to others, and the people started experimenting with the shapes.

The newest is shared by Twitter user mithiruka, and it is see-through water cake in the form of a sleeping kitten.

No need to say that the internet community absolutely loved this shape, and the tweet gathered 23K likes and 19K retweets.

And the astonishing fact is that you only need water, sugar and agar powder to make this refreshing dessert.

Twitter user mithiruka posted a photo of a see-through water cake…in the form of a sleeping cat

And now Twitter users from Japan are sharing similar photos

And this is the famed Japanese water cake in the shape of a raindrop

It looks amazing.


Mithiruka also posted a video to show that these deserts can come in many different forms.

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