This Week's Cat Posts Will Make Your Day A Whole Lot Better

Cats are just the best, they're so unpredictable and cute and no matter how much you try to understand how their cute little brains operate, you'll never come up with anything meaningful and you will end up with more confusion and most likely a headache. But that doesn't matter at all because we still love them to death even though it's not reciprocated most of the time.

The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here and this week you're in for a treat! This list contains some of the cutest cat posts on the internet, it's a perfect combination.

"Wanted to get a kitten but was worried the dog wouldn't like it. Flash forward 3 days later"

Locked and loaded

These kittens need some watering

She loves it!

"My boyfriend and I have officially gone off the deep end"

It definitely did

Death by cat

Nothing but love ❀

Mission Impossible: Cat Edition

Well...well...well...look who we have here

Best napping spot

Spooky furry Dracula


So many achievements

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