Cat Presses Button On Laptop And Wins An Academic Grant

We have all seen the videos where cats are playing on their owners iPad, chasing fish or bugs on a game made especially for cats. Whereas other cats are obsessed with lying down on our electronic devices, because they get warm and are the ideal napping spot for our furry friends.

Mochi, a very curious cat, loves computers and looking at TV screens. She especially enjoys sleeping on an open laptop, and even visits multiple websites during a nap. But sometimes she causes a bit more trouble than her owner, Jessica Schleider, expects, but luckily this turns out well for them both.

Jessica and her partner adopted Mochi while they were still in graduate school.

Schleider told The Dodo;

"She was enthralled with my laptop from the start"

Jessica is an assistant professor at Stony Brook University.

She works on researching mental health, most of which she requires funding to do the required research.

She was applying for a $100,000 grant when she decided to take a break from proof-reading to take her dog for a walk.

"I was working from home and decided to go outside and walk our dog, Penny, before 'taking the plunge'."

While she was out, Mochi decided to have a nap on the open laptop that was lying around.

When Jessica returned, she looked at the screen and saw that something unexpected had happened.

"I discovered that she'd pressed 'submit' on the grant application. I had a minor panic attack."

But there was nothing she could do, she just had to wait for the result.

But all worked out well, as Mochi got the grant for her!

"Her screen obsession finally paid off!"

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