Unapologetic Cat Wrecks This Man's 'Doraemon' Creation Which Took Him A Week To Make

Cat owners know that cats have a hundred different ways to get the attention they need. And if you ignore them, boy, they'll make sure you'll regret it.

One naughty cat has found a very powerful way to get its hooman's attention. Its plan is plain and simple: wreck the 2,432-piece Doraemon figure that his owner spent 7 days to complete. The cat probably figured out that it's the reason why his owner couldn't give her the attention she needs.

The cat owner is from Thailand and works in a toy store. The Doraemon figure was for a client. Wanting to impress and satisfy the customer, the cat owner spent a tiring week to meticulously finish the earless, robotic cat figure.

Just in case you don't know, Doraemon is cat robot featured in a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fujiko Fujio. He was sent to a young boy named Nobita Nobi who had poor grades and got constantly bullied by his classmates. Doraemon has a magical pouch in which he stores unique gadgets that help improve Nobita's life.

This is the Doraemon figure

The client wanted the Doraemon figure completed before the New Year. We can imagine the store owner busting his butt to finish the project.

Handling it with extra care because it's ultimately fragile

Can you imagine how happy this guy was when he was attaching the last piece to finally complete his work?

Well... his cat wrecked the Doraemon figure

And his cat absolutely regrets nothing!

Many people find this unfortunate event funny

Exactly my thought...

With those eyes, you really can't blame the cat!

With great, adorable cat comes a great responsibility

Yep... not too bad

I couldn't agree more

The cat thinks he did a great job!

While many find the event hilarious, others were rather concerned about the cat's wellbeing

Maybe because the owner tries to get a shot?

I hope so too

For the record, no one should hold a cat that way as it may hurt their fragile spine.

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