Cat Lover and Mom Of Two Makes Totally Relatable Comics That Are Super Funny

Francesca Hause, or Fran, is a mother of two boys and the creator of Litterbox Comics. In her delightful and paws-itively hilarious comics, Fran says she draws about her "experiences as a mom of 2 boys, mixed up with a generous helping of "strange animal facts"." If you're wondering why everyone is based off of a real character but depicted as an animal it's because: "everyone is animals, because I hate drawing people."

With almost 64,000 followers on Instagram and a growing success with her Patreon, it shouldn't surprise you that her parenting comics really are totally relatable. Whether it's the musings of motherhood of the adorable cats and animals that draws you in, once you're a fan... you're not going anywhere!


A favorite word is a favorite word.

When all the kids are in school...

Mom going wild isn't what you think it is.

At one point, every parent thinks these car carts are a good idea.


Different stokes for different folks.

I guess every family has it's quirks.

Accurate ASF

I don't know what it is about random rocks but kids freaking love them.

Baby Shark

Whoever created this song should rot in a cave.

Where one journey ends, another begins!



Both a blessing and a curse.

Sometimes kids hear what they want to hear.

And they always want hear the naughty part of any word, ever.

Parents have a tendency to accidentally punsih themselves...

The struggle is real.

Hugs and Timing

Kids don't know what boundaries are.

From expert to not so much.

If you lie enough you'll definitely get lazy at it.

"I'm sorry, which table?"

Date night was better before kids.

Everyone is unique.


Christmas Manipulations

Not everyone participates but those that do find it quite beneficial, apparently.

Before and After

Kids really do change everything.

Kids and their diverse pallets.

Now I can't stop laughing.

A hangry mom is a dangerous mom.

You must stop at nothing to get food into her.

The one thing you don't want to forget...

You may as well start over at this point.

Big Farts

Looks pretty normal to me.

The circle of life.

If it's not the sibling, it's the mom.

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