We Asked Cats On Catnip Fans To Share Photos Of Their Cats And They Delivered The BEST

If there's one thing we never have enough of every day, it's definitely cats. At Cats On Catnip, we love sharing a wide variety of cat content. Whether it makes you laugh, smile, tear-up, or just gets you through your day... if it's got cats we've got it covered. What's better than all the best the Internet has to offer? Why, your own cats, of course! And it was high time we took a moment to paws, I mean pause, and appreciate the cats you love, too!

We asked the fans to share pictures of their cats for a chance to be featured in an article, and you fine folks came out in the thousands to show off your purr-fect felines! There were so, so many to choose from, and every single one was a treasured diamond. You guys really do have the best cats on earth! Here are some of the cutest, sweetest, and funniest cats that were shared.

From first hugs to a life time of love.

"This is the very first photo I got of my cat when we met her at a cabin in the woods. she came right up to us and hugged my friends leg. I took her home and we’ve been very happy ever since."

"Tee Tee and his Daddy."

There's a ton of spunk to be had here.

"Our beautiful one eyed princess, Daisy!"

Isn't she purr-fect?


"This is Harley Quinn. She loves treats, naps, and showing everyone her luxurious floof"


"This is Misty as a kitten when we first adopted her and she’s perpetually surprised and pleasantly playful"

Typical purr-sonality for a gray kitty.

"As you can see we have a very loving relationship'

"Our beloved Humbug. 21 this year. An absolutely fantastic cat!"

21 years of love and cat cuddles is 21 years well-spent.

"My beauty, sash. She has grown a lot in a year"

What a difference a year can make!

"This is Chimmy and Koko. Very sweet and adorable cats"

Playful Pals!

"This is my rescue, Charlie, after enjoying catnip"

After catnip AKA the best time to photograph a kitty.

"Nala, we recently rescued her & gave her a new loving life"

Rescue cats provide so much love for us, don't they?

Kira, you're an absolute sweetheart.

"If picked Kira pledges to do the best she can to uphold the honor of the feature. Especially if treats are involved."

"My beautiful Maisie, "helping" me fold towels."

Kitties are the best helpers.

Three cheers for Pye!

"Meet Pye. My foster cat. He is 7 years old. He loves cuddles, bird watching and snacks. He was sick, he is getting stronger every day! I love him."

"My new polydactyl, Dax....a handsome guy"

More paw to love!

A purr-fect pair!

"My two kittens Artemis and Ella, sisters"

The best kind of BFF? A cat BFF.

"My daughter giving her "bestie" sweet kisses!!"

"This is my gorgeous silly girl her name is Scilla"

A cat you can't look away from!

A cat's love is forever.

"This is my boyfriend's cat Lilly, she passed a few weeks ago. We miss her. πŸ’”"

Is there anything sweeter than kitties and babies? Nope.

"My tippy being a protective fur brother"

Rest in peace, sweet baby.

"My big boy loved a good nap in the sink, hes resting easy over the rainbow bridge now, may he have plenty of sinks to sleep in.

He passed away from a baby King Brown bite. For those that don't know, baby snakes can't control their venom so he released a lethal dose. Although my baby passed, he lived a happy and adventurous life! One definitely worth sharing"

Birthday Angel

"Penelope on her 2nd birthday! Party dress and all"

"Just took this one about 15 minutes ago. My little pretzel kitty, Zoey"


She may not be pleased, but she probably preferred to be clean!

"My cats very first bath. She tore that bathroom UP! She had gotten into some sewage on one of her outings and as an indoor cat, she NEEDED a bath."

Sometimes humans have to do the hard work!

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