Cats on Catnip Fans Share the Stories of How One of Their Family Members Got Converted Into a Cat Lover

Earlier this week we posted an article on the official Cats On Catnip Facebook page that contained some lovely stories posted by random internet users where they shared how one of their family members or friend somehow managed to become a cat lover after initially being against the idea of having a cat in the first place.

In the comments section of that article a lot of of people also felt compelled to share their stories so we had to make a fan version of it and share the lovely stories you guys were kind enough to share with us!

Awh, what a lovely husband

She claimed this human


One big happy family!

Cats are addictive haha

All of them!

The fluff always ends up winning

They're best buds now

Totally not a fan of cats

What a cute baby

They all ended up getting seduced haha

They make the best snuggling buddies

He looks so comfy

They look so adorable together

Alex the human and Jinx the cat

True love

Successfully converted into a cat lover!

Totally not a cat person

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