9 Images That Perfectly Explain Why Cats Are Better To Have Than Babies

Okay, I think we can mostly agree that for many people having a baby is insanely exciting, a moment that takes preparation despite the fact that one can never truly be prepared to have a baby. Yet despite all that mushy-gushy stuff about expanding your human family, we're prepared to argue thoroughly that having a cat is tons of fun, in fact, more fun than having a baby. 

Oatmeal webcomics are a lot of things, most of which are: funny. Insanely funny. Ridiculously funny, even. One of their artists, Matthew Inman, has taken his talents and put them to good use. He's made a series of 9 comics that do an exemplary job of explaining how easy and carefree it is to have a cat versus how difficult and time consuming it is to have a baby. 

Don't be completely fooled, of course, the comics are ALL in good fun and fully intended to do nothing more than make you laugh as you go about your day. Those of us with children, however, will know that there's also at least an ounce of truth Matthew's perspective. Of course, those of us who also have cats are probably inclined to agree with my new motto: cats rule, babies drool. 

Take a look for yourself, the fun is too good to pass up!

1. The party begins...

2. As a mother I can say one thing:


3. Let's Talk Poop

Well what do we have here? Another accurate description.

4. Happiness is a mindset

A mindset that babies do not possess. Whereas cats do.

5. A dash of exaggeration

Spoiling is bad, but I don't think any of us are raising Polish invaders.... either way we know your cat won't be in a similar situation, ever.

6. Romance!

Who needs it, anyway?

7. Consider the possibilities....

Well, whatever ones you may have left.

8. Bro!

Not cool.

9. Fin.

Have a cat-tastic day.

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