People Are Sharing Bizarre Photos Of Their Cats And They're Absolutely Hilarious

As we've long implied, people love sharing their cats on the Internet. It's almost as if we created the Internet for the sole purpose of sharing cat stuff. I mean, I'm sure there were a few other reasons but none of them are as important as cats.

Various social media platforms have long-since and continue to be a haven of cat content, jokes, pictures, videos, and tales of a wide variety. The truth is, that people who have cats are never embarrassed or shy about sharing their cats, especially if their cats are being really freaking weird. Why is that, you may wonder? Because there are few things as funny as a cat acting weird, that's why!

1. Somebody loves his feetsies.

So cute.

2. This may be the strangest thing we'll see all day.

I have no explanation that makes sense, sorry.

3. "Why can't he just drink out of the water bowl like a normal cat?"

There is no fun in normal.

4. "The reason why I can't have nice things."

This cat made their own fort.

5. "This is how my cat begs for food."

How on earth could you say no to this? You couldn't.

6. "My cat always sits on his butt."

Yes, that's where most of the sitting happens.

7. No one will believe you without photographic evidence.

"My wife just texted me this picture of our cat."

8. "This is what I woke up to today."

Don't interrupt him.

9. Sits and Eats

Lazy days, lazy ways.

10. Da-na-na-na-na-na BAT CAT

This is impressive but would be a cause for concern if I walked into my cat doing this, tbh.

11. "My aunt has weird cats."

They're probably weird because your aunt is weird.

12. "My brother's cat sits like he is your psychologist."

He looks like he would make a phenomenal psychologist.

13. "Pole Dancer"

Don't you dare shame her.

14. "Cats are weird."

I don't know exactly what happened here but this is mildly impressive, tbh.

15. Some cats sit really freaking awkwardly.

I cannot imagine this being comfortable for my quadruped friend, but alas.

16. I need this kind of zen in my life.

"My friend's cat with her zen-like, meditative calm. She sits like this constantly, and just stares into space."

17. "He sat and stared at me like this for a minute before I took the photo."

I have literally never laughed harder at a picture of a cat in my entire life.

18. Well, this is pretty ominous.

"Woke up to find my cat staring at me like this."

19. Pls hooman give paw

"My cat will stay like this until I shake his paw. Then he will do it again."

20. "My cat lets me stack things on her belly."

Why would you do this, lol. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

21. Purr-fectly Precious in every way.

"My Japanese cat likes to sit by the rice cooker and smell the steam off of freshly cooked rice."

22. Spider Cat

Does whatever a spider cat does.

23. "How my cat, Dave, was laying. He does this all the time."

I wonder if the condescending look in the camera's direction is always included?

24. "This is Sara the cat, all the time."

She's unique, I like her.

25. A comfy position, apparently.

"This is how my friend's cat looks out the window."

26. A worthy greeting?

Or possibly... an ominous warning? We may never know.

27. "Bought our kitten a new $40 bed. Walked in to see him sleeping like this."

Your $40 is useless to kitten.

28. "I know cats sleep in weird positions, but this is probably the most ridiculous."

This cat needs an exorcism.

29. "My cat sits like this when he gets excited."


30. This is Paul.

Hi, Paul!

31. Lucy, the weirdo.

"My mom just sent me this picture of our cat Lucy. She's such a weirdo."

32. "Our cat won't stop bringing home sponges."

What an absolute sweetheart.

33. Whatchya doin?

Sittin' fancy.

34. "Office Cat"

Who taught him this?

35. "My new cat only sleeps on my head. Meet Newt."

Newt found the coziest spot in the house, apparently.

36. "My kitten has a weird obsession with sitting on my head. Especially when I wear beanies."

I see nothing unusual here.

37. "We get it, Strudel. You're weird and a meerkat."

They're not called meerkat for nothing.

38. Practicing his purr-fessional smile?

Apparently this is a thing their cat does regularly. So, there's that.

39. How many cats does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one, they're not stupid like humans.

40. "George is a cat that prefers to stand on 2 legs."

I like George.

41. "My cat is like the weird uncle that falls asleep after eating at Thanksgiving."

This owner's description is oddly accurate.


"RIP to my best friend of 15 years. He was a weird one."

43. Help yourself.

"My friend's cat started doing this if you don't get her fresh water fast enough."

44. "My boy always tries to jump in the fridge when I open it. This was the first time he made it in."

His face says, "I regret everything."

45. "I've never seen a cat sit like this before."

Well, there's a first for everything.

46. "My Cat Karma Likes High Places, And He Couldn't Be Higher. He's Not Stuck, Just Casually Hanging Around"

Totally casual. Nothing to see here, human.

47. When you really love bananas...

"So, my cat likes to lick bananas. When she does she always makes faces like this."

48. Slowly back away, hooman. Nothing to see here.

"Went to ask my housemate something and walked into her cat sitting like this."

49. "This is how my cat sleeps."

Cozy as heck.

50. The great potato thief.

"My cat steals potatoes then runs around like a boss."

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