10 Adorable Comics That Are Perfect Examples Of What Makes Cats So Adorably Strange

Cats are so strange. They do the weirdest things sometimes but then are also super adorable right after.

I often find myself just shaking my head, snapping a picture, and then cuddling up with my furry friends. I generally am not the most excited when they run around the house at night acting like they are being chased by the devil himself. But they make up for it when they curl right up next to you and flip over onto their back with their cute furry belly waiting to be scratched. 

So moral of the story is that cats are weird, but we love them anyway. Enjoy!

Spread eagle is the most popular

Unconditional love <3

Earplugs are necessary

Never fails...

I've never see something so true

Shhhh, no one was talking to you

That sounds dangerous

Don't forget the part where they eat the flowers too

All or nothing

Never fails when I'm alone at home

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