These Hilarious Pictures Will Show You Just How Much Of a Pain In The Ass Cats Can Be

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As much as we love our furbabies, sometimes they tend to act in such irrational matters that just make us reevaluate our entire views on cats. 

Cats are curious by nature, so they're on a constant search for new things that they happen to find fascinating or at least somewhat interesting, and from a cat's perspective, most of the objects in this world are mindblowing and have to be examined as quickly as possible. 

Some cats are more curious than others, so they tend to go above and beyond in order to satisfy their curiosity, which means they might destroy some of your belongings just to see what it would feel like.

What a sneaky little bastard

It didn't last that much

"Lost about 40 minutes of work just now. Psa: if you have a cat, don’t buy a computer case with an upward-facing power button"

Jesus, he stole an entire drawer

Caught in the act

Don't test me, I'll do it

"Made a pie crust. Turned around to get filling. Turned back around and this is what I found"

Such a clever little kitty

" Wife drives to grandma's house. Amount of fucks given by our new rescue cat: zero"

Such a rebel

"This is how I will control the humans"

Give us some attention

"We locked our cats out of room due to a new baby. After hearing frantic scratching and meowing at 2 AM I flipped the lights on to this sight. We have no idea how he managed to do this"

What are you doing over there kitty

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Linda Tice
Linda Tice

November 07, 2018

Too much use of the F word.

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