Adorable Pictures Of Cats That Will Make Your Heart Melt

It's no secret that cats are the absolute best, we are so lucky and blessed to have them in our lives because they fill them with so much cuteness and love.

The way cats interact with their surrounding never fails to entertain us, they're such an important part of our lives that some people end up missing their cats more than they miss their life partners and family relatives. It's pretty much impossible not to instantly fall in love with every cat out there, they're just the best.

Here are a couple of adorable pictures of cats that will definitely make your heart melt.

Awh he's protecting her

This is what friends are for

"It's time for my 25th nap, go away"

"He wouldn’t move while I made the bed, so he got involuntarily tucked in"

Slightly shocked kitty

He seems to be enjoying himself

I identify as a fish now

A happy little family

"When dinner fights back..."

The cutest little thing

Shy kitty is shy

May I have your attention please? And maybe some belly rubs as well?

The king of the jungle, beware

"After trying to kill each other for the past half hour they’ve decided it’s now cuddle time 😍"

"My Love"

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