Hilarious Cat Jokes All Cat Owners Can Relate To

Cats are amazing, little creatures. Bursting with life and packaged with vibrant purr-personalities, most cat owners cannot imagine life without their furry feline friends. For all the head-boops, all the bleps, and certainly all the purring, rubbing, and snuggling, cats are as unique and diverse as they are also similar. 

While each of us appreciates our individual cats as their own purr-sons, so to speak, there are inside jokes in the cat community that basically ring true in a unanimous manner. In other words, if one cat does some weird, quirky thing... there's a high probability that almost every other cat on the planet also does this hilarious yet weird and quirky thing.

That's why if you love cats you're pretty much guaranteed to laugh today. Have fun!

When love and cats collide

Nothing comes between a cat lover and their cat. Nothing.

Why do they call her Cat Woman?

She is in kindred spirit with the cats, of course.

Stop in the name of the paw.

You're under arrest for a crime against cats.

This is the most realistic use of this meme, ever.

I'll never know why cats perpetually think they are starving but... alas.

Boxes galore!

Delivery day is Christmas to kitties.

Cats are fast.


Every time

Catto is life.

Booty, booty!

I suppose they must be proud of their butts.


How dare you offend your catto.?

I cry everytime.

Don't you?

I don't care if it's normal...

It's torture.

When the truth hurts...

Sometimes lies are comforting.


It's you:

Don't deny it.


This is what true love looks like.

My cat's comfort is more important than my own.

I'm dedicated.

We all know this feel.

I mean, literally... we all know this feel.

Such a good kitty.

You da bomb, kitty.

When the purrs and the chirps don't satisfy you...

the pap, pap, pap will.


I'm not crying.

You're crying!

Heavy load

Cat littler is heavy AF


Well, there's that.

We are connected.

I love you, cat. I love you so much.

We have a connection.

We speak the same language.

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