These Cats Are Terrible Troublemakers And They're Proud Of It

Cats are companions that bring so much love to our lives. In fact, they enrich our lives so much that there are documented scientific benefits! Surely, because of all the good they bring to our hearts and homes, that is why we tolerate their shenanigans. Let's face it, cats are intelligent and intelligence goes paw in paw (as opposed to hand in hand, of course) with mischief.

Over time, and due to the nature of a cat's potential naughty factor combined with our endless nondiscriminatory obsession with them, we've found that even when cats misbehave we love them for it. Our coping mechanism of choice? "Public shaming." Case in point, these delightfully naughty cats:

I assaulted a guide dog

Now, why would you go and do that, whiskers you know it's wrong.

I am so high right now

That's what happens if you have all of it at once kitty.

He peed on the hamster

Because that is what we do with hamsters in this house.

Why did you do that?

It could not have been tasty.

Thank you for that Freckle

Be sure to always wash your bedding mother of Freckle. I pray for patience for you.

It's the toilet paper

It is the issue, not me.

I ate $300

You are not even worth that much in money little one, but I can see you feel bad.

I lick my butt and then fart

I think he is one of those special needs furry friends, the eyes tell you everything.

I did it

I tipped him over and ate him because I didn't want him anymore.

There goes the money

You suck as a roommate you dangerous fur person.

My not so real dad is pissed

But he deserved it, because who even wears cashmere sweaters.

Sabotaging the popcorn

You are too old to be playing these tricks on your mom.

Black cats are never good

I am the devil of the neighborhood.

I don't like it when people clean my stuff

Just stay away from his litter box, please and preserve your ass.

I spill everything

And he blamed his dad, what a naughty kitty!

You are one grose kitty

It almost sounds like something the cows would do. Rechew their food.

Do not make him angry

Your rugs are in danger then.

Eating yarn is fun

Especially when it is still stuck in your butt and you can chase it. What a special skill this fur child has.

What kind of cat are you?

Not catching or eating a mouse? But you watch it while it eats your food? I think we found a new species of mice loving cats.

Balance beamer

And this little kitty wanted to be a balancing athlete.

So relatable

It seems all cats are friendly when they want something.

Because that is want you want to wake up to

I can assure you she is awake and probably vomiting her lungs out right about now.

You can't blame him

When monkeys are bored they do weird stuff.

You should be punished

Biting and licking other people's toes are wrong!

Be warned

This is what happens when you go around sleeping with anybody. This will happen to you to humans! Maybe not as many babies though.

You are one creepy cat

At least look away while doing it.

I wanted the fishy

And now I am all soaked and angry because I was being dumb.

Itsy bitsy spider

Threw up on the laptop.

My bitch

Is the dog, and I can walk all over him.

Mean kitty

I would have made him an outside cat right then and there.

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