Cat Parents Wearing Their Cats As Hats

Because we love our cats so much, sometimes we just start messing with them without any real reason just to be able to spend some quality time with them. They definitely hate it, but cats also hate most of the things this world has to offer, so it doesn't really count. 

Sometimes they play along for a short amount of time then they switch right back to survival mode and run away.

This time, these cat parents decided to turn their cats into hats (obviously not literally lol). Some of these kitties despised the whole concept but some others were completely indifferent to whatever was happening.

1. "Why is my hooman behaving like this, I don't get it"

2. Oh this one is pissed the hell off

3. Is that Pikatchu?

4. Self warming Russian Hat

5. Your hat looks disappointed

6. At least these cats are cooperating

7. This cat is an absolute star!

8. She learned to enjoy it

9. Long cat

10. That is one beautiful kitty

11. Perfection


13. The kitty's color matches with the beard

14. Now I want one too

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