Cats Reaction When She Sees Her Late Best Friend's Fur is The Most Bitter Sweet Moment

Cats, Alesana and Sen were the best of friends for most of their lives and rarely left each others sides. They did everything together. Played together, cuddled each other and even reportedly also enjoyed cleaning each others ears.

This strong bond was sadly broken when at age 8, Alesana was diagnosed with cancer. She sadly passed away the morning of this past Christmas. However Sen never forgot her good friend and was seemingly showing signs that she was finding it hard to move on.

So her mother did something special to remember Alesana as well as assist Sen with the grieving process. 

Alesana and Sen are the best of friends.

It was impossible for sens family to explain to her that her closest friend was no longer around. They were left watching her grieve the loss of Alesana.

“I think Sen knows she is gone,” Emma Pearce, Sen’s mom, told The Dodo. “She often sits at my window next to my front door just looking out for hours on end. She will also walk around the house looking into rooms where Alesana would often sit.”

To help her grieve.

Recently, the family received Alesana's ashes, her paw print and a tuft of her fur. This gave her owner, Emma Pearce an idea of how she could help Sen process her grief.

The fur

Pearce decided to show Sen the tuft of Alesana’s fur. Her reaction is incredibly sweet.

“When she saw Alesana’s fur she instantly started to lick it and rub her face on it,” Pearce said.

Sen seemed to know this tuft of fur came from her friend. Pearce hoped this would assist Sen in moving on from the sad loss of her friend.

“We try and give her as much love and cuddles as we can so she doesn't feel too lonely,” Pearce said.

Sen has been shown the tuft a few times now and has had the same reaction each time. When everyone is ready, Pearce says they plan to have the tuft framed in memory of Alesana.

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