Cats Who Brilliantly Got Caught Mid-Pounce

Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek is an award winning, seasoned photographer based out of Vienna with specific goals in mind. His experience is exemplary and his mission is clear. His work has included a wide variety of photography but his current project is just too much fun to pass up without appreciating.

With a profound interest in cats and the freedom they express with their very being, his photo project centered on cats in their natural state mid-jump. The photos are phenomenal and fun and really capture the spunk every cat possesses.

1. Flying fluff of doom

Also cuteness.

2. Incredible

This is amazingly impressive. I love this cat.

3. Moments of awesome

His paws are in the air like he just does not care. It's good to know cats almost always land on their feet.

4. Leap with purpose

This cat is jumping higher than I thought possible

5. Rock on

This may be a little over enthusiastic

6. Is this an illusion?

That cat almost looks like it belongs there.

7. Is he going up or down?

I'm not sure but I love it either way.

8. Hope you're ready

There is no turning back for this kitty.

9. I'm not even mad.

I'm genuinely really impressed.

10. Meow-zing

That's an impressive jump

11. Smooth

This cat looks ready to entertain the ladies.

12. Now this we can relate to

You know how you jump sideways and super high when you stumble on a really big spider? Yikes.

13. Pouncing in

Looks like this cat is ready to join the tea party.

Cats are so unique in every way, with spunky attitudes and a desire to explore and adventure. While cats truly bring light, love, and laughter to our lives they can also be immense troublemakers and well quite frankly, kind of gross sometimes. But the cats don't care. Obviously.. they're cats, the biggest jerks in the entire Animal Kingdom. But if you're anything like me, you still love them just the way they are. An illustrator took her love for cats and drew these comics which sum up life with cats!

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