16 Pictures Proving That Cats Can Pretty Much Sleep Anywhere

The main activity cats do most of the day is sleeping, and when you sleep as much as them you will inevitably become a pro at sleeping and master all the best sleeping techniques.

Human beings can't sleep in uncomfortable places, and some of us can't even sleep on the most comfortable bed ever because we're complicated and have a lot of mental baggage that prevents us from resting, but when you're a cat you have absolutely no responsibilities and you're pretty much a king living in your own palace with human servants, and thanks to their flexible body, they can fit and sleep anywhere they want to.

1. Taking a nap after eating

2. " My Friend's Cat Is So Sleepy It Fall Asleep Halfway"

3. I don't care if you have beds and couches, I will sleep here

4. This is a human trapped in a kitten's body

5. Using a natural blanket

6. A pocket kitten

7. I choose you dogger

8. "Omar Asleep In A Tissue Box"

9. I just want to rub that belly!!

10. This is how they ship cats now

11. Cats don't care about gravity

12. A warm kitty drink

13. Don't mind me, i'm just taking a nap

14. The boots with the fur

15. He looks so peaceful

16. He's crushing the little kitty

These cats on the other hand don't look cuddly at all, and the stares they give are so scary that you would have to sleep with one eye open terrified that they would murder you in your sleep.

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