Cats High On Catnip Is The Funniest Thing You'll See All Week

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Everyone who owns a cat can tell you that there are two types of cats; cuddly little balls of love, or assholes. However, it doesn't matter what type of feline you have in your home 99% of the time any cat, even the grumpiest ones, will LOVE catnip. It's literally a drug for them. 

It makes grumpy cats happy, excited cats chill, or a lot of the time transports your cat into an entirely different dimension of being (or so they think.). Basically, it's hilarious and everyone needs to see a great reaction to catnip at least once, so to fill your quota for your lifetime here's a bunch of hilariously quirky cats, getting their catnip on.

1. Starting out strong with a level 10 freak out

2. Nom nom nom!

3. what. is. THAAAAAT.

4. Opps.

5. The BEST place to nap!

6. Where are cats finding all this nip?

7. This shadow is having an out body experience...

8. You should always supervise your felines while using catnip

9. "Does... Does anyone else see that dragon?"

10. Have you ever been so high you cloned yourself?

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Margaret Nahmias
Margaret Nahmias

October 02, 2018

Hahahah At least the high is temporary

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