Fans Of Cats On Catnip Share Their Heartfelt Adoption Stories Where The Cats Chose Them

We all go about our days uniquely, but the one thing that connects us is our love of cats. The fans of Cats on Catnip are some of the world's most dedicated cat lovers and they stretch from every corner, pocket, and curve of the planet to another.

With so many diverse places to call home, it is sometimes hard to imagine how a single photo of a cat with a brief story about how their owners came to "own" them could inspire so many people to tell their own stories but at the end of the day it's totally obvious: we really love our cats!

The stories and photos fans shared are just another example that cat people have hearts of gold, filled with nothing but more space for more cats to love.

1. On a cold winter's night...

Something truly beautiful occurred.

2. Midnight Bump Batman

Until we meet again, your story I shall tell.

3. Feral, my butt!

Purr-fect, nonetheless.

4. King of the Castle

A regal cat in his own chair: a sight to behold.

5. "I wanted a black kitten..."

The cat chooses you, that's all there is to it. We love it.

6. "Dis mine now, meow."

The old fashioned way.

7. Before and after.

The gutter is no place for a cat.

8. Stand up to bullies:

Adopt the runt.

9. Never Forget

Cats burrow into our hearts and never leave.


Trusted. Loved. Forever.

11. Ten years later...

There was never a chance this wouldn't last.

12. When the cat chooses a home for her whole family!

You have been blessed by many cats.

13. It's hard to believe so much happy fluff was once starving!

These are the stories that fill our cups.

14. "My hero."

Love, food, cuddles... a cat's needs.

15. "It was meant to be!"

Three cheers for Ripley!

16. "I miss her fluffy self."

These cats bring us joy and memories to last a lifetime.

17. Fat, Little Pumpkin!

Orange cats make for good pumpkins.

18. Blep

Meowy Christmas.

19. From poverty to purr-fection!

Cold and scared, ready to love.


Honestly, who on Earth could resist this?

21. "I got you!"

A cat needs love.

22. Best. Decision.

Loving a cat is a decision with no room for regret.

23. Found ya!

Let's stay together forever.

24. Totally adorable.

He walked in and he never left!

25. Looking comfortable?

Of course, that's why Misha chose you.

26. The Legend of Mick

We love Mick.

27. Fun Fact

Despite this "love me" face, the clip in this feral cat's ear suggests they are spayed/neutered and an important piece of the puzzle regarding keeping the feral population under control! This kitty didn't go home with the fan, but this face left an imprint.

28. Drunken shenanigans.

Not all drunken decisions are mistakes.

29. And now he's so happy.

Content with snuggles and lovin'!

30. Thank goodness!

Don't back down when you want to keep the kitty.

31. See, I told you!

Someone who think they don't like cats just hasn't met the right one.

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