This Is What Happens When Cats Insert Themselves Into Nativity Scenes

Although the season to be jolly may be over for another year, that's no reason why we shouldn't try to reignite what is left of the Christmas spirit. The best way to do that? Cats of course! We all know that not only do cats not have boundaries, but they also love to be the centre of attention. Christmas is no exception! Whether it's climbing to the top of the Christmas tree (so you know that they are the only star in their life!) or shredding wrapping paper--cats love to be in the middle of it all.

So before you pull down the mistletoe, take a look at these cats who heard about the birth of Jesus; and decided to crash the party!

All the neighbouring hotels were full, so the cat also had to go in the barn... obviously!

I didn't know Jesus was a ginger?!

This one looks super ominous

This cat opted for a disguise to try and blend in

Everyone looks equally alarmed in this one!

The perfect place for a nap

The birth of Christ wasn't the biggest surprise in this nativity!

This cute tabby decided he was much more important than Jesus!

This cat is just grumpy people are interrupting his nap!

Whereas this cat looks like he's just eaten half the set!

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