Signs That Prove Whether Or Not Your Cat Actually Loves You

My cat is amazing. She's a snuggle bug, purring, sweetheart. Unless she's mad at me. Then there's a high probability she's going to forego her litter-box and leave a stinky present somewhere she knows I'll step. Or she might just puke up a little of that crunchy food we leave out just in case... 

Also in a spot that she has determined I have a high chance of stepping in. It really makes me wonder, day in and day out... does this cat love me? Does she hate me and is she plotting my death? How can I tell for sure if she is happy in my home?

Well, it turns out there are things you can evaluate to determine whether or not your cat loves you. So if you've ever wondered, "does my cat really love me?" Then join me on this journey, seeking the truth...

She brings you presents.

Does your cat bring you presents? Dead or mostly dead bugs, birds, mice? Random trinkets? Some people think cats bring us these things because we are too stupid to fend for ourselves but most people think it's a token or offering of affection.

Belly Up

When an animal is on it's back, belly up, it is a very vulnerable position for them to be in. So when your kitty flashes that fluffy belly at you it is a sure sign that he is comfortable around you and trusts you. Though be wary, sometimes that trust is fleeting and a belly rub that lingers too long might result in a stern lashing, cat style.

Glorious Headbutts

Cats offer head butts when they trust and love you. It's the sweetest, isn't it?

Love Bites

No, we're not saying "love sucks." Kitties offer bites of love, playful nibbles that tickle instead of make you bleed and hurt!

Under your foot?

Glued to your feet? Everywhere you are? Yep, that's love!

When my cat gets hungry she will always find herself under my feet but that's not the only time she follows me room to room. When our cats follow us everywhere (even the bathroom) and rub themselves against us as we go, often tripping us along the way, it is a sign of their love and affection.


Does your cat knead you like dough? This is a loving motion they learned all the way back when they were nursing from their mothers!

The Tail Twitch

Did you think that twitch was a sign that you've annoyed your cat? Think again. Well, at least it depends on how they're twitching. Does your cat hold their tail up casually, flipping the tip when they’re around you? That's love, baby!

The Power of Purr

Purring is a strong form of communication for cats. Sometimes, a loud, face-paced purr is a sign of stress and agitation but a soft and steady purr usually means a cat is feeling relaxed, happy around their loving human.

Eye Contact

Does your cat lock eyes with you? This is a sign of communication as well. If your cat gives you that stare but gives you a slow blink, consider it a kiss! Your cat loves ya!

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