14 Mean Cats Who Stole Dog Beds Without Giving A Hoot

Cats are hands down the most rebellious pets out there, they simply just don't give a damn.

For example, you can buy the most expensive toys then put a plain box next to them and your cat would choose the box over the expensive toys because cat logic is so weird and makes us all go crazy.

Some dogs are so much bigger than cats but they can never win against them simply because they just don't have enough attitude and cockiness in them.

1. The dog looks so sad

2. He's trying to take over the whole thing by spreading his body all over it

3. The cat it just sitting there and watching the whole thing without giving any f*cks

4. "Dammit Margaret, why did you get a cat, you know that our species can't co-exist"

5. Dogs can't even handle a kitten

6. The cat looks so calm

7. They both gave up

8. Once again, the cat is just sitting there like nothing's happening

9. The dog's like : "Can you believe this sh*t "

10. The look on his face says it all

11. Puppy eyes don't work on cats

12. Doge is not pleased

13. They all use the same technique

14. "At least i'm not in a cage like an animal"

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