Terribly Amusing Photos Of Cats And Dogs Together Living Up To Their Stereotype

The world has cat people and the world has dog people. And then there are those of us who live on the wild side, helplessly obsessed with both pet options, never satisfied with merely one or the other living in our homes. We get awfully high hopes that the one we already have is well-mannered and social enough to tolerate the new friend and while living together can be harmonious, we often learn very quickly that the phrase, "fighting like cats and dogs" came from somewhere.

For all they have in common, cats and dogs are unique and diverse critters. Their disagreements against each other are usually light-hearted enough that we can do what we're about to do... sit back and laugh hysterically at their worlds colliding.

#1 Silent Scream For Help

Everything, and I do mean everything, about this photo series is hysterical.

#2 Before And After My Dog Realizes I’m In The Room

#3 This Kitten Don't Mess Around

#4 My Cat Cat Disapproves Of Human/Dog Love... I Didn't Even Know She Could Do That Face

#5 Kittens Are Scary

They've got him cornered, they're gonna make him BARK.

#6 When Evil Does Not Stop

#7 My Cat Recently Discovered The Dog Bed

#8 Friend Just Got A German Shepard Puppy. Asked How Her Cat Is Getting Along With Him, And Was Sent This Pic

#9 Bastard Cat

#10 Owner Just Wants To Watch The News

What did you think would happen if you sat near their play area?

#11 Hey Look! Snow!

#12 His Face Says It All

#13 I Didn't Know I'd Have To Give Up My Dog When I Got A Cat. And By Give Up I Mean The Cat Now Owns The Dog

#14 Having A Cone Collar Fitted At The Vet Was Bad Enough, Then My Dog Had To Come Home To The Cat

#15 Fiancée Moved In And Brought Her Dog. We Were Worried About The Dog Bullying The Cats. We Quickly Realized The Reverse Was True

Small dogs can be pretty fierce but nothing is more intimidating than a pair of cats.

#16 My Pup Is Kind Of A Jerk

#17 My Buddy Posted This On Facebook. He Just Got Married And Was Trying To Introduce His Cat To His New Dog

#18 Nobody Knows What They've Been Up To!

#19 My Cat Doesnt Like My Dog, Taking His Hate To The Next Extreme

#20 Roomba Cat Swats Dog Pit Bull Sharky

Whose fault is this? The cat's? The dog's? The roomba's? Yes.

#21 Cornered

#22 Jerk Cat Gets What's Comming For Him

#23 We Just Adopted A Dog, This Pic Sums Up How The Cat Feels About Him

#24 My Dogs First Meeting With A Cat Did Not Go That Well

#25 Smell This For Me

I have never laughed harder than watching a video of a cat farting in a dog's face.

#26 I'm Not Saying That My Dog Should Respect The Cat A Little Bit More, But....

#27 Our Cat Doesn't Like The Newest Addition To The Family, Gillie

#28 Love You. Asshole. Love You

#29 Don't Let The Cat Keep You Down

#30 Adopting A Dog Soon So We Have Neighbor Bring His Dog Over So Our Cats Get Used To Them. Tonight This Happened

Tower of TERROR.

#31 Punch To The Face

#32 The Kitten Really Needs To Stop Bullying The Dog

#33 There Is An 80-pound Dog In My Lap Because He Is Afraid Of Being Catslapped

#34 Oh, Were You Sitting Here? I Didn't Notice

#35 Cat Won't Let Dog Off The Leash

Whose the boss? The cat is the boss.

#36 All The Boxes In This House Are Mine

#37 When You Introduce A Dog To An 8 Year Old Cat

#38 Hey, That's My Girl! Go Away

#39 Here, Take That

#40 Cat Hits Sleeping Dog

Dog, how dare you sit there, minding your own business, snoozing politely? IN MY SPACE?

#41 The Cat Is Eating The Dog Food While The Dogs Sit And Watch. It's Not Hard To Tell Who Rules This House

#42 Housemate's Dog Doesn't Accept That My Cat Won't Be His Friend. Waits Patiently Outside My Door Everyday For My Cat To Trust Him

#43 Checking For Monsters Under The Bed

#44 Well It Turned Out The Dog Was Afraid Of The Cat And She Climbed On The Corner Of The Sofa And Refused To Even Look At Him

#45 It's A Love/Hate Relationship

Clearly... that's an understatement.

#46 You Can Almost Hear The Pup Go "Rude"

#47 Please Stop, I Can Explain! It Was A Mistake!

#48 I Think My Cat Is Terrorizing My Dog

#49 Bullying A Kitten

#50 No!

The best part of this epic failure is, without a doubt, the slow motion.

#51 It Seems My Cat And New Puppy Are Getting Along Really Well

#52 We Brought Home A New Puppy. This Was Our Cats First Reaction

#53 Sometimes Enough Is Enough

#54 Artie Found A Comfy Spot By The Fire

#55 My 85 Lb Dog Is Scared Of My Sister's 1.5 Lb Foster Kitten

The biggest dogs have the softest hearts.

#56 My Friend's Cat Was Mad At Her Boyfriend's Dog Today

#57 We Got A New Puppy. The Cat Is Skeptical

#58 Is It Staying?.. Our Cats Reaction To The New Puppy

#59 Better Run

#60 Having A Cat And A Dog

What a bully!

#61 Thats Right Dog! Be Afraid!

#62 I Started Dating A Girl With A Dog. I Have A Cat. We Decided It Was Time To Introduce Them. This Is Me Just Before Being Caught In Violent Crossfire

#63 It's Dog's Birthday. Cat Don't Care

#64 It's A Love/Hate Relationship

#65 Got The Family Together For A Christmas Photo. Only 33% Of The Animals In The Shot Are Enjoying Themselves

Literally seconds before absolute chaos.

#66 Not Sure, But I Don't Think Our Cat Likes Our New Puppy

#67 Dog Walked Into The Room. Sat On The Cats Face. Then Re-Adjusted To Make Sure She Was Getting Maximum Ass To Face Coverage

#68 *Sigh* I've Got To Live With These Idiots

#69 My Puppy Was Getting Too Rowdy With The Cat So I Told Him To "Sit"

#70 Dog Finds Cat In His Bed And Takes Appropriate Action

This dog breed is notorious for being in the military and police force but that doesn't stop him from fearing the mighty wrath of the cat.

#71 First Picture My Wife Took And Is Pleased With, Our Dog And New Kitten

#72 My Cat Is A Jerk

#73 It's A Trap! Or At Least It Looks That Way To Dawn, My Cat, As She Decides Whether Or Not To Go Up The Stairs Past My Three Dogs: Jasper, Lilah And Tucker

#74 This Is Cali. She Liked To Fuck With The Dogs By Standing In Their Water Bowl

#75 My Cat Is An Asshole, And My Dog Is Too Nice To Do Anything About It

I see how it is.

#76 Love Hate Relationship. Dog Loves, Cat Hates

#77 Try To Get The Ball

#78 Our Dogs Are Terrified Of My Wife's Cat

#79 Our Dog Newman Just Realized He Has Become Our Kitten's Bitch

#80 This Cat And Dog Will Be The Best Of Friends Soon. Until Then Enjoy The Over Dramatic Looks Of Terror On His Face When I Try To Hold Both Of Them

This human is delusional.

#81 When My Dog Decided To Sit On My Cat

#82 Cat Taunts Dog

#83 New Cat Doesn't Play Well With The Dog

#84 It's A Trap

#85 Cat Goes Head To Head With A Russian Wolfhound

Clearly, this Russian Wolfhound is a gentle giant.

#86 When You See It

#87 So Dramatic

#88 I Can't Get A Cat Because My 100 Lb Dog Is Terrified Of Them

#89 This Couple

#90 Yes, Yes... Let The Hate Flow Through You

Patient with a dash of evil.

#91 Caught This Action Shot Yesterday When My Dog Wouldnt Leave My Cat Alone.. Cat Wasnt Happy

#92 My Cat Was Not Pleased When We Got A Dog Last Year

#93 The Cat Hates The New Puppy... He Follows Her Around And Glares At Her

#94 'That Cat Just Tongue Punched That Dog In The Fart Box'- My Husbands Exact Words When He Saw This Pic

#95 You Left Your Bed, So It Is Mine Now

The dog looks so sad.

#96 Queen Asshole, Reigning So Hard. Refuses To Let The Dog Downstairs

#97 We Have A New Dog. The Cats Are Not Happy

#98 Holding On

#99 My Dog Loves My Cat. My Cat Hates My Dog

#100 Dogs That Won’t Pass Cat

You know the cat is a boss when not 1 but 3 dogs wont cross it's path.

#101 My Cat Decided To Have A Little Fun With My Dog, Dragging Her Around The House With Her Harness

#102 Hit A Guy When He's Down Why Don't Ya

#103 Showing Some Kung Fu Moves

#104 My Parent's Dog Is Terrified Of The Cat Because It Knows It Is In His Bed. He Is Going Out Of His Way To Avoid Eye Contact

#105 My Dog Meets My Cat For The First Time. They Had A Stare Down For At Least 10 Minutes

The beginning of a glorious story.

#106 Can I Just Lie Here Without You Bugging Me?

#107 I'll Just Sit Here

#108 When The Cat Claims Her Bed

#109 She Makes The Dog Wait To Eat

#110 Our Cat Is Still Getting Used To Our New Puppy

She looks furious.

#111 Friend Just Got A New Puppy. The Cats Don't Seem Too Thrilled

#112 Show Me Your Teeth

#113 Kitty With A Mean Left Hook

#114 She Needs A Wee, But The Cat Won't Let Her Past

#115 My 56 Pound Dog Is Too Afraid To Stand Up To My Roommate's 6 Pound Cat

That cat looks super mad and the dog is clearly ashamed. This is life with cats and dogs.

#116 Poor Cedric

#117 Attack

#118 This Is My Cat. Tea Bagging My Dog

#119 Charlie Chasing Dusk Through My Yard

#120 Are You Seein' This Shit?!

Some cats wont back down, even if the dog runs away. They're feisty like that.

#121 My Girlfriend's Cat Is A Jerk To My Dog

#122 My Cat From College Meeting My Dog From Home For The First Time

#123 That's My Food

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