Hysterical Cat Submissions To The Dolly Parton Challenge

Have you seen the four block viral meme format for the different social media versions each of us presents to the world? Probably!

Did you know that none other than iconic country crooner Dolly Parton started this now viral challenge!? She did, indeed! CNN reports how the 74-year old mega star kicked off the social challenge on January 21, 2020:

It appears Ms. Parton was the very first to take part in what some have dubbed the "social challenge," a four-photo mosaic of potential profile photos for social media sites LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

Of course, as memes often do, the social challenge had taken a life of it's own and currently we are living for the Instagram cats who have jumped on the bandwagon because... well, cats, obviously!

Cricket the One Eyed Cat

Cricket is one of our favorite Instagram cats! Check out our feature article on him here.

Coco the Leopard, "could this be any more accurate?"

Coco is a beautiful cat, you can read our feature article about him here.

Hogan the Winky Kitty

Hogan the Winky Kitty was born with a purrmanent wink!

JT Catsby, "get you a kitty who can do it all!"

JT is a cute little munchkin, both figuratively and litterally.

Teeny Dina

Teeny Dina says, "I am Sayyadina Mauvepaw McCatterson. I'm a stay-at-home cat and reborn supermodel trapped in the body of a Russian Blue."


Hosico is a Scottish Straight taking the internet by storm.

Maple Cat, "look no more! Maple Cat has got it all."

Maple is a "wholesome as squishy chonk."


Want to learn more about Belarus? Stay tuned by following us on Facebook! We are working on a feature article now.

Basil, "when asked if I can play different roles."

Basil is too cute.

Smudge Lord

Even the infamous table cat meme is participating! Have you heard of Smudge before?

Micky Kardashian

This fast feline has an endearing and amusing Instagram you won't regret checking out!

Atchoum the Cat

Atchoum's iconic appearance plus a viral meme? Yes, please.

Furious Maud, "like most people, Maud doesn't use LinkedIn."

Furious Maud is one amazing cat, stay tuned for our feature article on her!

Amazing Narnia

Amazing Narnia is literally one of a kind. Check out our feature article on this two-faced cat with only one DNA!

That Cat Bobbie, "would you swipe right for me?"

Bobbie is a rescued Persian Lady from the UK that we are pawsitively obsessed with.

Neline, the Lioness

Neline is all fluff and love.

Angel the Bengal

Angel has raised the bar on this challenge. Wow!

View this post on Instagram

Get u a cat who can do it allπŸ˜‰ #AngelBengal

A post shared by Angel Bengal (@angelbengal) on

Merlin Ragdoll

Strongly encourage swiping this time.


Monty was happy to play along!

Mr. White, AKA Coffee

Coffee, you've won over our hearts.


Nala's tongue makes Facebook the best one and you cannot change my mind.

Pisco Cat

Pisco is a YouTube savvy cat who nailed this challenge!

Coby the Cat, "get you a cat who can do it all."

Coby's eyes are mesmerizing!


Waffles the Cat is influencing us... we dig it.

Who knew Dolly Parton could inspire such a good time in CATS!? We aren't even mad. Did your cat participate in the #dollypartonchallenge? Show off in the comment section right meow!

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