14 Cats That Don't Know Cats Are Supposed to be Graceful

Cats are amazing animals, definitely a fact. However, they have this reputation for being graceful and elegant creatures who always land on their feet. You picture their silky tails gently swishing while they saunter around at their leisure.

While it is true that cats are in general very graceful animals, it is also true that they are just as capable of what the heck moments as their opposites (dogs, who are known for their incredible level of derp.)

These cats seemed to have missed the memo or they are just having a bad day. Rest assured, we get amusement out of these hilarious moments where cats didn't quite live up to their graceful reputation.

1. Well, she landed on her feet.

I'm 90% certain she regretted leaping into that box of Styrofoam packing peanuts!

2. Erm, he may be plotting your murder.

I know he wanted to go outside, but I suggest you immediately let him back in.

3. A wet cat is not a happy cat.

I think this cat is wondering where life went wrong.

4. It did look like a nice nap location at first...

Look at his little toe beans reaching out for help!

5. Not all things are meant to be napped on.

So much regret in her face. So. Much. Regret.

6. Further proof that cats are liquid.

I mean, this is just impressive.

7. Wow.

I wonder if she landed on her feet or if someone had to call the fire department.

8. I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Alas, I did say they are not always graceful.

9. He thought he wanted to play ball.

Please do not try this at home.

10. The hunter became the hunted

I wonder how hunting a mouse would go. He looks embarrassed.

11. Hide and Seek Champion

Not today, doggo, not today.

12. I don't even know how this is paws-ible.

Sometimes I wonder why the reaction is to bust out the camera instead of immediately help the cat out...

13. Not all toys are created equal.

And some toys are definitely not designed with a cat in mind.

14. "Let me in MOM!"

Please, let the baby in.

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