24 Cats That Deserve An Oscar For These Dramatic Performances

For every cat that acted like they were trying to survive the apocalypse because their food bowl was 2 bites too low and for every cat that took one floofy step in a pile of snow, we all know there is ten more out there is just as melodramatic. 

In fact, I've set out to prove it to you. I found 24 cats putting on their best Oscar-worthy dramatic performances over just about every circumstance you can imagine. At the very least by the time you're through, you're guaranteed to be having quite the healthy laugh session. 

1. There's an explanation for this:

The flower, obviously, is blocking important communication waves from the aliens.

2. "What... is... this?!"

Kitty will adjust, no worries.

3. True Love

I hope these cats get adopted together.

4. He touched it.

His floofy foot betrayed him!

5. Somewhere, there is truth...

Dogs versus cats had to start somewhere, right?

6. "Hooman..."

"You come to MY home, on this the day of my daughter's wedding..."

7. The Dark Knight

If looks could kill...

8. Kitty Meets Snow

The first experience is always the most... traumatic.

9. And she said...

"My boyfriend warned me about his dramatic cat but I wasn't expecting this."

10. You know you messed up when...

"I kicked over my cat's milk and had no replacement. He sat opposite of me as I ate my dinner, looking at me like this."

11. I dare you:

To say no to dis widdle facey-wace.

12. Scaaarrrrrr!!!!!

All cats have similar life experiences, perhaps.


That's what's up.

14. Gasp!

What horrors has this fur baby seen?!

15. "How... Dare... You..."

Kitty will never look at you the same, ever again.

16. Oh kitty...

What horrors have you seen?

17. Shakespeare

"To be, or not to be... that is the question."

18. When kitty wants inside...


19. Dancing skills:

Bar none.

20. Cats prefer to do the booping.

Not the other way around.

21. These precious faces

I'd give them all the Oscars.

22. "I can change, I can change!"

Just give him another chance, eh?

23. "Omg noooooo!"

Poor kitty.

24. Who wants to go on a road trip?

The secret is in the reflection of his sun glasses.

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