2020 Australian Firefighter's Calendars Are Hotter Than Ever And They Include Cats

In 1993, The Australian Firefighters Calendar was established in an effort to support the Children's Hospital Foundation, providing funds for research into childhood burns. For nearly three decades, Australian firefighters who have participated in the calendar have helped raise over $3 million for their noble cause and various charities. Twenty-seven years after the first calendar in '93, the annual calendar is quite literally hotter than ever.

There are SIX different calendars available on their website featuring hunky firefighters posing within the various themes: cats, wildlife, horses, farm animals, dogs, and the "classic" calendar, which features no animal companions.

The Kitties

The 2020 Australian Firefighters Cat Calendar will appeal to every crazy cat lady and man worldwide. It features our very handsome firefighters alongside cute and cuddly rescue kittens and cats.

According to their website:

Whether you are a fan of tabbies, torties, tri-colours, gingers, blacks, Bengals or Flame Points. Maybe you are even a fan of the grumpy cat?!?! There is a gorgeous cat in here for everyone! All these adorable cats and kittens are rescue animals from ABC Rescue Qld, AMS Cat Haven and Best Friends Felines.

And one cat-tastic model found the purr-fect companion in his photo session:

"We guess it really was love at first sight for this Brisbane firie when he held precious little fur baby Sarah for his 2020 calendar shot!" - Australian Firefighters Calendar

You can purchase the cat calendar here.

Check out this incredible behind the scenes video of the cat-calendar's creation! You won't want to take your eyes off these cats.

The Wildlife Calendar

Featuring Madagascan Lemurs, a Tamarin Monkey, Splodge the Goanna and Bagi the Red Tree Kangaroo along with the worlds largest rodent…an adorable Capybara called Elaine.

According to their website:

If you’re a lover of feathered friends you will adore the gorgeous colours of the Rainbow Lorikeets on the cover. Inside the calendar we have Jessie the fiercely stunning Wedge Tailed Eagle, Gandalf the Sulfur Crested Cockatoo and a gorgeous owl named Toohey who has the goldest eyes you have ever seen!

You can purchase the Wildlife Calendar here.

The Horse Calendar

2020 is the year of the horse, well, for Australian firefighters anyway. This is the first year the team has produced a calendar of this variety and we're not neighing with disdain. According to their website:

We were kindly allowed to spend time with and take photos with all the horses and ponies featured in this calendar. Healing Hooves Inc rescues horses bound for slaughter and that come from traumatic backgrounds. They lovingly rehabilitate them for use in Therapeutic programs that assist those suffering Mental Health disorders, addiction, Autism, ADHD, emotional and physical disabilities.
Reason to Thrive provide Equine assisted activities that promote physical, mental and social health. These programs have been developed to assist a variety of groups such as at-risk or disengaged children and youth, children with special needs and women and children who are survivors of domestic violence.

You can purchase the Horse Calendar here.

The Farm Life Calendar

Those who have an affection for farm animals will love seeing Ace the horse and Merlin the working farm dog alongside the cuter than cute piglets, ducklings, Pepper the chicken, ducks, kids, lambs, an Alpaca named Ally and the cover star Issy the fluffy bunny rabbit!

You can get the Farm Life Calendar here.

According to their website:

Our iconic rescue puppy calendar also features adult rescue dogs cuddling up to our gorgeous real Australian firies. Our adorable cover star this year is George. It is hard to imagine that this precious little guy was an unwanted pup looking for a loving home.
The list of beautiful rescue dogs in this calendar is endless. Two Groodle brothers, beautiful British Bulldogs, Frenchies, Alsatians, a Samoyed and a Labradoodle named Lenny just to name a few. The rescue dogs in this calendar are lovingly cared for by Safe Haven Animal Rescue, ABC Rescue and Precious Paws.

You can purchase the Dog Calendar here.

The Classic

Of course, what could be better than the classic calendar? (Cats, probably, but this one is a close second place.) The Classic does not feature any animals, but it does feature:

12 months of the hottest real Australian firefighters from all around the country. They are hot, fit and sexy firemen who train their hardest all year long to stay in top shape in order to meet the rigorous requirements that comes with the very important job of saving lives.

You can purchase the Classic Calendar here.

It's im-paws-ible not to see how much purr-sonality is behind these calendars. Check out this bonus behind the scenes video!

There is no shortage of personality to be seen here, folks.

According to their Facebook page, the cat calendars have had to be re-printed because they sold out so fast! I guess you could say, you need to... get them while they're hot.

The calendars ship worldwide, so you don't have to live in Australia to appreciate Australian firefighters, just check out their website and know that everyone walks away happy. Let us know in the comments what you think about these cat-tastic calendars!

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