People That Didn't Own A Cat Until The Cats Found Them

As everyone surely knows cats are one of the more independent creatures that we have domesticated. They like to hunt for themselves, make their own friends, and come and go whenever they please but it seems like there's more to cats than just that. According to these people below cats are now picking their own homes, and owners! 

How do we know that for sure? Well, it's easy really, these people didn't own cats at all, and now they do. The cats found their ways in and made themselves at home before the humans even knew they were there and well once you have a cat there's no going back... 

If you feed stray cats this is what you get...

This person doesn't own a dog OR a cat, but this happens everyday...

This little guy showed up on a farm one day and the farmers daughter begged to keep him instead of her Christmas presents. Meet Popeye!

When you visit your kitchen at 5:30 am and find... this.

Just having a smoke when a small meow let itself in the window.

Good morning everyone?

This little guy was found crying in someones back yard...

He hung around all summer and they finally let him in to hide from the cold.

Knock knock, you have a cat now.

It's 2:45 am. This isn't your cat. What do you do?

This little cat found in a garden has so much love to give his nose is shaped like a heart!

Have you ever had your work day invaded by a snuggle monster?

Someone came home to find a very surprised cat visiting!

Some shop workers set a full-proof trap to catch their intruder.

I don't think coming home to a visiting cat is your biggest problem here...

This cat was somehow found perched on a 7th floor balcony!

A lucky person went from having 0 cats, to having a clowder!

This guy randomly turns up just to hang out, his name is OJ.

Sometimes it takes a double take to realize... You don't have a cat.

When you finish painting your kitchen and see this...

It's 4:45 am and you wake up to constant meowing noises. Any other time you'd be angry but when this little cutie greets you at your front door how can you not fall in love!?

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