These Cats Are Will Do Everything In Their Power To Ruin Your Life

Cats have a lot of reputations. Sometimes their reputations come with good connotations, like that they're soft and cuddly feline friends. Other times, their reputations come with negative connotations like, "cats don't actually care about you and they do what they want." Are both true? Are neither true? Purr-haps its a cat-by-cat basis? I've only ever met a cat who loved to cuddle and I've only ever met a cat who did everything on their own schedule, so I'm inclined to think there's a little truth to all the reputations cats are known for, except any that imply they are evil. Cats are the best.

A new reputation cats are coming around to is that sometimes they're buttholes for no reason. Unfortunately, as you're about to see... this may ring true.

Cat-tastic Revenge

Never underestimate your cat's ability to be vindictive.

I'd bet money there's a legitimate cat bed somewhere in this house.

If anything, there is probably more than one.

Oh, we're sorry, did you step away for a mere moment?

Next time consider placing a heating pad next to your laptop!

"Don't sit on the keyboard? OK."

Technically, he's obeying the rules of the house.

Actually, I'm not even mad.

I'm impressed.

A majestic sight to behold first thing in the morning.


Antisocial ASF

"I've altered your signal. Pray I don't alter it further." - jaycrew

He gives ZERO f*cks.

Not a single one. NADA. None. ZILCH.

Absolute CHAOS

Caught in the act of tomfoolery.

It all happened so fast.

"Made a pie crust. Turned around to get filling. Turned back around and this is what I found."

- washcapsfan

Cats be like, "whatever, I do what I want!"

"Wife drives to Grandma's house. Amount of fucks given by our new rescue cat: zero."

- aebfroman

"My boyfriend was wondering why his room was so cold."

Mystery solved: all warmth belongs to cat.

In defense of the cat:

If you didn't want your leftover corn muffins to be stolen by the cat, you should not have turned your back for a second.

Getting up there is usually not the problem.

However, the crisis level of meows that are likely to occur when she wants down, that's a whole different story.

The best game.

"She pushes her toy mouse under the stove more than 5 times a day and then meows until I crawl under to get it. She's an A**hole." - jesseichner

"The cat knocked my daughter's fishbowl off the table."

SCIENCE or SORCERY? You decide.

"This one won't stop unplugging the fan."

That's also pretty impressive, to be honest.

Kitty gets what kitty wants.

Kitty wants to see you.

This takes rivarly to new levels.

Apparently, the kitten was not getting along with the dog.

Sometimes there is no easy answer to trees when it comes to cats.

Case in point:

There is no explanation for this.

Other than your cat is a jerk.

Sounds like someone needs the book, "How To Tell If Your Cat Is Trying To Murder You."

Because this was a loud message.

Don't listen to anyone who says cats don't like attention.

I submit into evidence, game night:

"He protec"

This shelf belong to the all-mighty cat.

Pro-Tip: You can NOT keep the cat out.

"We locked out cats out of room due to a new baby. After hearing frantic scratching and meowing at 2am I flipped the lights on to this sight. We have no idea how he managed to do this."

- johnschmidt432

I guess Yoga isn't for everyone.

Especially her.

This looks like a nice place to sit, I shall sit here.

I seriously cannot fathom why the cat would think this looks like a nice place to sit, it's not even warm.

Cats love touch lamps!

Especially if it means they can alert you properly to their 3am meal.


"Lost about 40 minutes of work just now. PSA: If you have a cat, don't buy a computer case with an upward-facing power button." - KittyCatGangster

A moment of pure genius.

On the cat's part, of course.

It turns out cats love screen doors.

Owners of said cats, however, not so much.

"Gimmie da fish."

Please take a moment to notice the hole in the background, we can only assume was ripped in purr-fect timing immediately prior to trying to steal the fish.


"This little fella being caught seconds after being told he couldn't have any." - zeinshvr

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