10+ Cats Making The Best Faces You'll Ever See

If you're a cat lover then you know as well as any other cat lover that cats say a lot. Not just with how frequently they meow (especially at two in the morning,) but also with their facial expressions. The faces our cats make, no matter how grumpy or silly, are guaranteed to make us laugh regularly.

But not everyone wants to believe us when we say, "my cat was really giving me the stink eye." Sometimes capturing their expressive tendencies on camera can prove to be tricky but don't you worry, we've gone out and found some of the absolute best photos of cats making faces that run across virtually the entire emotional spectrum! 

We've got cats looking very angry, cats looking quite smug, and cats looking entirely too perplexed for our comfort. And each cat is absolutely purr-fection! How many of these facial expressions have you seen at home on your own cats? We're dying to know!

1. Plotting your untimely demise...

This facial expression is one that says, "I am going to wait until you're asleep to seek my revenge."

2. Things didn't go as planned

Kitty looks a little spooked to have fallen between the cracks.

3. How can you say no to this face?!

You cannot. It's that simple.

4. They call him crazy eyes

This is like the cat version of overly attached girlfriend.

5. "Why hello there hooman!"

Kitty looks just as surprised to see you as you probably were to see kitty. Caught in the act of some undesirable behavior perhaps?

6. Don't be a phony!

This smile is a LIE.

7. Let's play a game, please hooman?

That butt is about to wiggle SO much.

8. Startled

To heck with this!

9. Kitty Smiles

Kitty doesn't have a care in the world. Don't you envy this level of content?

10. "What do you mean this isn't a bed?"

The great mystery to us humans is why the sink is such an alluring bed for kitties.

11. Double trouble.

If both of your cats are giving you this look then you messed up big time.

12. Shady business.

This kitty knows you've been giving him the diet kitty food.

13. If cats were humans...

This one would be a mouth breather for sure.

14. Why hello there.

Beautiful, beautiful cat.

15. Avast ye matey!

Shiver me timbers, Batten down the hatches!

16. Why don't cats like baths, you ask?

This is why.

17. Perplexed kitty is perplexed.

We are all dying to know what this cat is looking at!

18. The good nip.

Catnip + Cats = Entertainment for all.

19. Vengeance shall be mine.

You will regret the day you crossed this cat for a haircut.

20. She's got the universe in her eyes.

Entire worlds that mesmerize.

21. "Did not need to see THAT."

For as often as we stumble on our cats doing something we wish we didn't see... they have their own way of handling walking in on us being crazy, too.

22. Silly kitty says, "derp."

Never have we seen such a confused, silly face!

23. Kitties make silly faces, too.

You can warn your kids until your blue in the face not to cross their eyes but your cat is a free spirit.

24. We love Bub.

Every facial expression this kitty makes is pure gold.

And finally, a funny cats compilation

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