16 Cats Whose Happy Place Is In the Sun

A cat's desire to sunbathe is NO secret. Indoor, outdoor, somewhere in between, it doesn't matter. All cats enjoy lounging lavishly in the sunbeams. It warms their fur, it comforts their soul. There is no happier place in the entire universe for most cats than their favorite place to sunbathe. 

In fact for the 16 frisky felines, you'll see here today, it's almost as if they were designed specifically to lounge in the sun. The very images suggest that the sun loves these kitties as much as these kitties love the sun. You may even find yourself sighing with love as the serenity of the images consume you. 

1. Blessed

This spot is blessed by the cat and for the cat.

2. Time lapse, cat style.

My assumption already is that cats are solar powered.

3. A sliver of sun.

All sun is good sun. Even a little bit of sun.

4. Cats Versus Dogs

I used to think dogs also enjoyed sunbathing but we can clearly see cats own the sun spots and dogs lurk in the darkness.

5. I can explain this.

This is the sunbathing cat equivalent of unbuckling your pants after a large meal.

6. "Feels good, man."

This is the purr-fect spot to sunbathe.

7. And the kitty was wise.

And the kitty was good.

8. I spy with my little eye...

Purr-fect timing and the purr-fect decorations.

9. Toe-stretching comfort.

It feels so nice.

10. When there's a will... there's a way.

And this kitty found the way.

11. And God said...

"Let there be cats." And all was well.

12. What a gift!

A sunspot for EACH cat. That was meant to be.

13. Kitty says:

"The sun is my happy place... and I dance, dance, dance, and I dance, dance, dance."

14. The family that sunbathes together...

Enjoys life together. Always.

15. Magic Rainbow Kitty

Ah, now that's the spot.

16. Cuddle buddies

The desire to sunbathe breaks down all boundaries.

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