The Internet Has Discovered That Cats Hate Tin-Foil And It's Weirdly Exciting For All Cat Owners

If you are a cat owner, you'd know that you can shoo your cats off or away from any furniture you want when you're home (and they'll probably comply) but AS SOON as you leave, and I do mean, AS SOON, they will FOR SURE be all up in your stuff.

They will be on your bed, on your pillows. on your couch (those throw pillows you love, they're on them), your counter tops... everywhere. They are everywhere.

Well, the internet has recently discovered that cats do not like tin foil, and they pretty much GTFO the second they feel it on their little paws.

Below are some videos and tweets the prove this hypothesis, so if you want to keep your cat off your countertops or dining table... go buy some tin foil!

Here's the original video that got the ball rolling with this whole tin-foil thing!

Lookin' all cute and innocent... like she never jumps on the counter tops

ANNNNNDDDD the moment she freakkkked the heck out!

Of course, people starting trying out this theory...

Usually this kitty helps cook dinner! *heat eyes*

Unfortunately, not so much for this cat-owner... dang.

Or this cutie.

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