Before You Spend Money On Your Cats, Check Out These Hilarious Photos Of How Much Cats Like Gifts

A dog's intelligence has been easily and repeatedly measured. In fact, science has determined that dogs are roughly as intelligent as a toddler, and it's easy to test and measure their intelligence because their nature is to please humans. Cats, on the other hand have been notoriously difficult to gauge just how smart they are. It's definitely not because they're stupid, but the theory is it's because they don't really care what you want and would rather be doing something else.

How smart cats are is a question we may never completely answer, but we do know for sure they are certainly not stupid. So, when we buy that $40 cat bed or that $200 cat tree and they sit in a box next to it, we can only assume they're not too stupid to understand the gift is for them. There must be a reason and sometime we wonder if it's to deliberately laugh at us silly human mortals.

#1 "My Cat Being A Jerk, Then Laughing At Me"

That's a very nice cat tree you have there but this box belongs to me, meow! Muahaha!

#2 "$25 Cat Bed. She Chose The Dust Pan"

#3 "So I Bought My Cat A Scratching Post"

It scratches the belly, apparently.

#4 "Cat Logic"

If you thought I was kidding about the expensive cat trees not being as cool as the boxes they came in, you were wrong.

#5 "Sleep Inside? No."

#6 "I Swear, Cats Can Be Comfortable Anywhere"

Actually, I'm not even mad. I'm impressed.

#7 "Finally Found A Comfy Spotound A Comfy Spot"

#8 "it's Just Like The Sink" They Said. Thirty Dollars Later And My Cat Is Still An Asshole

It's a nice thought... that your cat might enjoy a running water fountain of their own.

#9 "That's It... I'm Done.. I Am Done Buying Things For My Cat"

#10 "Cat Logic"

#11 "Found The Perfect Bed"

#12 "Cat Logic"

#13 "Don't Bother Buying A Bed For Your Cat"

Whoever invented cat beds was something of a genius because they're making so much money on products cat don't use. At all. Ever.

#14 "Got My Cat A Bed For Christmas"

#15 "Cat Logic"

A lot of cat owners like to refer to "cat logic..." it's a thing.

#16 "Got My Girlfriends Cat To Use The Cat Bed"

#17 "Just Bought A Cat Condo For My Cats"

#18 "I Bought My Cat A $40 Water Fountain And She Chose To Spill My Drink And Lick It Off The Carpet"


#19 "Cat Logic"

#20 "Bought The Cat A New Cat Bed"

#21 "Box Says "keeps Kitty Entertained For Hours". Well They Weren't Wrong."

#22 "I Have 2 Lefty Cats..."

#23 "Bought Cat Toys, But The Plastic Bag Is More Interesting."

#24 "You're Doing It Wrong, Cat."

That's a matter of opinion, human.

#25 "I Will Never Understand Cat Logic"

#26 "Catdish?"

#27 "Has So Many Toys... Rather Plays With A Tomato Stem"

#28 "Cat Logic"

#29 "Bought My Cat A Toy To Play With. It Is Now A Bed"

#30 "Ho Hi"

This cat is playing a dangerous game.

#31 "She's So Smart..."

#32 "She Prefurs The Other End Of The Bed..."

#33 "And That Pretty Much Sums It Up. Punks."

#34 "The Prince-ss And The Pea-llow"

#35 "Kitty Condo Gone Wrong."

Swing and a miss, cats.

#36 "She Found The Perfect Spot"

#37 "No Better Place To Rest...."

#38 "Bought My Cat A Box"

#39 "What Bed? Toys? nope, Books!"

His hidey-hole.

#40 "Perfect Shape..."

Purr-fect, indeed!

#41 "I Want To Be A Catcus"

#42 "i Like This New Bed That Comes With A Warm Little Human Being" Kafka

Cats and babies, too cute.

#43 "Take Me Home"

#44 "Match Made In Heaven"

#45 "3 Cat-beds Later, "it's Too Hot Inside The House""

But this is nice.

#46 "Guess We Know Who Wears The Pants In This Family..."

How long did it take you to figure it out?

#47 "Comfortably Numb"

#48 "Fel Fel & Banbeh In The Box :) "

Cozy as heck.

#49 "Bought Something Nice For The Cat, Choose The Box, Stay Away Dog, Box Is Mine! Miiiine!!!"

#50 "You Are Not Going On Holiday Without Me!"

#51 "This Is For Me... No?"

Sometimes your cat chooses the gift.

#52 "Nothing Better Than A Good Sleep On A Hard Surface..."

#53 "Dogs Are Assholes, Too"

#54 "I Like Your Bag Mom"

#55 "Still Trying To Fit!"

#56 "Apparently The Grass Catchy Is Much More Comfy"

Weird flex, but okay.

#57 "My House, My Washing Cat-chine!"

#58 "Only An Orange Bag Will Do!"

#59 "4 Cat Trees And 6 Cat Beds In The House. And One Far Superior Bathroom Sink."

#60 "Can I Come On Holiday Too?"

#61 "Ryan, Ramjet And Roger Playing A Crazy Game Of Cat Tetris!!"

Adorably Precious!

#62 "Obviously The Best Place To Sleep"

#63 "Who Needs A Bed When I Fit Perfectly In This Bag."

#64 "Leave Me Alone"

#65 "New Bed"

#66 "Take Off Your Pants And Pass Out On The Bed."

#67 "But This Is My Bed!"

#68 "Babri're Dreaming :)"

#69 "Cardboard And Heated Floor Just Fine By Us"

Cozy is cozy, you can't argue with that.

#70 "My Cat Dizzy As An Ecological Bedside Lamp"

A little spooky, but okay.

#71 "Huge Hug"

#72 "My Cats Like Their Gifts. #1 Is At Shirt A Box And A Blankit."

#73 "Near Enough Is Good Enough Right?!?!"

#74 "She Never Uses The Pillow."

#75 "Doing Some Cleaning And Neo Found A Box He Fits Perfect In ;)"

#76 "Too Lazy To Go Inside"

#77 "Denying Cat Logic"

#78 "....but I Dont Like My Bed :("

#79 "Ceo"

#80 "Must Be First In Kitchen"

#81 "Max Wears The Bra"

It's a purr-fect fit.

#82 "Jealous Of The New Baby"

That face says it all.

#83 "Don't Bother Unpacking - It's Mine!"

#84 "In The Greenhouse !"

#85 "Countless Beds...."

But are the beds warm? No, didn't think so!

#86 "Do Not Disturb...briewing Some New Mischief"

#87 "Schrodinger Likes To Sleep In Shoes"

#88 "Now That's Quite A Comfy Pot!"

#89 "What U Mean Bed?"

#90 "He Adores His Cat Tree And Something Was On Its Way.."

#91 "Better Than A Code Bed !"

#92 "The First Thing My Little Girl Knitted Was A Ball So The Cat Could Play..."

A lovely sentiment.

#93 "On My Heating Pad!"

Oh, did you need this? Should have thought about that ahead of time.

#94 "My Favorite Toy!"

#95 "Ba, B, Learning My Sounds"

#96 "Don't Waste Any Money For Toys."

I really wish I could understand why cats love tempting fate inside plastic.

#97 "The Bed Is The Best. End Of The Story!"

#98 "Bought Cat Toys, But The Plastic Bag Is More Interesting."

#99 "Cool Cat"

Mmmm, crisp and refreshing.

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