14 Cats That Mastered Hide and Seek

Cats are masters of disguise and capable of getting into just about anywhere they can conceive. I'm sure if you've ever had a cat in your home you've found yourself regularly amazed by the heights they can get to, the boxes they can squish into, and the unique places they can hide. 

I'm not even sure how my cat learned to open cabinet doors but his favorite place to hang out in solitude was behind the crockpot. It took us awhile to figure it out but when we couldn't find him and we needed to that was a sure place to inevitably find the little guy.

Some cats choose less inconspicuous locations to hide and seem to simply blend in with their surroundings. Or rather they seem equipped with a unique ability to camouflage into their surroundings! Personally, number 13 has my mind blown!

1. Cats and Christmas trees belong together

It's like having an ornament come to life.

2. It might take you a bit.

Once you FINALLY see the cat, you cannot un-see it. But you may have a hard time spotting him. (Hint: he's near the top of a wood pile.)

3. This kitten hides like a professional

This one is almost has hard as the wood pile kitty. Look closely to see where kitten is hiding.

4. Nobody suspected doggo.

Smart cats use other pets to properly hide.

5. Blending in

I'm not sure this one is as mysterious as the kitty thinks.

6. Artwork or cat?

My vote goes to both.

7. Unexpected

Sometimes kitty hides in the last place you'll look. This owner says it took him over 10 minutes before he realized kitty was hiding purrfectly in plain sight.

8. Comfy and cozy

I thought this cat was a pair of socks until I looked closely

9. One of these things is not like the other

Let us know if you figure out which cat doesn't belong.

10. Now this is what I call clever.

No one expects the doggo.

11. Accidentally a chameleon

Not all cats are equipped with the ability to mimic a chameleon but this one got lucky.

12. Hat or cat?

Only experts can tell which is which

13. How many cats do you see?

If you said four, you're wrong. There's six!

14. Who said black cats are creepy?

They were right.

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