Photos Of Cats Doing Their Best To Hide From The Vet

No one really likes going to see the doctor because it usually means that you're sick, injured, or just about to have a bad time.

Though we as humans know we have to tolerate it for the good of our health our pets, however, don't understand that at all. And if you've ever taken a pet to the vet you'll know what it's like, dealing with a caged pet who just wanted out, a shivering dog who needs to be in your lap (no matter how big or heavy they are) or perhaps a cat who wants nothing to do with anything going on at the clinic. And once you let your cat out you'll know all about their woes.

They cry, they hiss and most of all, they hide. Below are some cats who tried their best to hide away from the terror they think is the vet.

This is where it all began. Ashly Perez and her cat took a trip to the vet that went... well?

Sort of...

You've got to give the cat some praise for being this creative honestly

Because you bet if my head could fit in there i'd want to explore it too.

Ashly's post began to gather a lot of attention and pet owners everywhere let her know they could definitely relate to her struggles.

Some ever posted pictures of their cats in the same situation!

It seems the sink is a lot of cats first choice for hiding place

Of perhaps a cupboard? The smile is what gets me here.

Or perhaps we just, don't look? That will work just as well.

Number 1 choice is back to the sink. This fancy sink is nice but it doesn't off much camouflage

Or there's this. Personal favorite so far!


This cat has actually hidden pretty well. A quick glance from the vet might get it off home free!

What is in these rubbish holes that is so interesting? Narnia?

*Hides angrily*


Ah yes, look more like a bunny, then the vet won't think it's really you!

10/10 impression little kitty

And lastly, Archie. We feel for you lil bud...

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