Woman In Russia Hoarded 130 Cats In Her Tiny Apartment

You’ve all heard stories are about old ladies and their cats, but those are just stories, right? You wouldn’t expect that something like this was happening in real life. Well, think again.

It all started when a freshly divorced woman adopted a stray, pregnant cat. You are probably imagining a cute image of mom cat and her little kittens running around the apartment. We don’t blame you; we did too.

But the situation spiraled out of control when the cats reached maturity and started inbreeding. And after a while, the one-bedroom apartment became full of little ginger cats that hardly have enough room to stand.

Weirdly, no one noticed the noise coming form 130 cats meowing.

This strange big family was discovered by the authorities when the neighbors started to complain about the smell.

Animal activist Anastasia Soloviyeva assisted in rescuing 50 cats from the woman's apartment, but it's not easy to find families for all of them.

Her co-worker Irina Medvedeva was appalled when she witnessed the state of the cat's living space:

"We found about 130 half-starved, but very affectionate cats. The animals were in terrible condition. Despite the fact that they had a corridor, a kitchen, and a bedroom, there were still too many of them to exist comfortably. We managed to take out and distribute some of them, but about 80 more remain inside."

Charity Zoo Defenders has initiated a social media campaign to raise money to find homes for the cats. 

A couple from Britain went the extra mile to provide their cats with a place to stretch their legs.

On the flipside, Sue and Richard Haworth in the UK spent £10,000 on a 9ft-high cage, which they've fitted in their backyard so that their four felines have a safe space to play.

Sue, a retired Northumbria police officer, thinks the cage protects the cats from harm.

She said: "We didn't do it on the cheap. We paid over the odds for our house so that we could do what we've done without affecting anybody else. We don't want to upset anyone; we just want to live a quiet life and for our cats to be happy. They really love the space; there are lots of things for them to play with. Most of our neighbors think the cage is a great idea, there are just a few who have a problem with it."

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