Strange Man Vows To Launch Cat's Ashes Into Space For An Out Of This World Burial

We all handle grief uniquely, and because of that we mourn the loss of loved ones in our own ways. This rings especially true when we lose our fur-babies and pets. The bond and connection between pet and owner is well-documented and surprisingly well-understood and the grief humans experience when their beloved pet crosses out of this earthly realm is something that people often have a profound respect for.

There's always someone out there ready and willing to raise the bar, though. Such is the case for one man, Steve Munt, from Lake Oswego, Oregon. Munt has launched a go-fund-me campaign to raise funds in order to launch Pikachu, his deceased cat's ashes into space.

Munt says:

Pikachu came into our lives when we needed him most, and filled our lives with love.

Did you know there is a company that offers memorial spaceflights for humans and pets? We just learned about it, thanks to Munt. The company is called Celestis and the service is not cheap.

Celestis charges $5,000 (£3,864) for its ‘Earth orbit pet launch service’, which sees the ashes ‘placed in Earth orbit where it remains until it reenters the atmosphere, harmlessly vaporizing like a shooting star in final tribute.’

In an interview with, Munt says he's already paid for the service. The fundraiser is open to anyone who wants to help and be apart of Pikachu's tribute. He said, "I have already signed the contract and just recently paid in full for the service. While I continue to accept donations for those who wish to be a part of this tribute, fundraising is not a primary goal for me. My dream is coming true, regardless of any additional donations, and I am currently awaiting an assigned slot on a future launch."

Pikachu will have a final send-off like no cat has ever had before. A portion of his remains, from his heart, will be launched into orbit, where he will watch over the Earth, and we can track his location as he showers the world with love.
Pikachu was the best. We will always look up to him, and he will remain in our hearts forever. Together, we can all make him proud.

In 4 months of campaigning, Munt has received $2,240 in donations for Pikachu's iconic burial, thanks to his GoFundMe page.

Rest in space, Pikachu.

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