This Girl Decided To Photoshop Cats Into Food And Ended Up With a Lot Of Followers On Instagram

Cats always somehow manage to fit into every situation, they're such marvelous creatures and we're so blessed for constantly having them around.

Since the internet gets completely hooked whenever anything involves cats, so many people online are racing to create the best cat content out there. When it comes to photoshopped pictures of cats, the internet is literally saturated with them.

Ksenia is an artist from Russia and she photoshops two of her most favorite things - cats and food!

She always intends to create funny content and she finally ended up coming up with this great concept at the end of January, which made her launch her Instagram account under the name cats_in_food.

I can barely notice a difference

This little chocolate ball is so pissed off

A blue kitty

It fits in so perfectly

Sushi kitty


Chocolate Purring


Still asleep till this day

I want one

Kitty salad

Even better than an actual Oreo

Just 3 loaves of bread

Whatcha doing kitty

Two different kitties

Hey there hooman

Looking straight into my soul

Shh don't wake the kitty

Save me pls

Such a little princess

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