Japan’s ‘Cat Heaven Island’ Made A Music Video To Invite Ed Sheeran To Come Visit

There are countless reasons to love Japan and to want to visit Japan but if you love cats as much as I do then one of the reasons at the top of your list is the fact that Japan has multiple islands known as "The Cat Islands of Japan." One would be amazing, so to hear there's a bunch of them is like a cat lover's dream come true!

Out of the 11 islands you could visit to be surrounded by kitties, one stands out among them. It is Aoshima, an island in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. Also known as "Cat Haven Island," this adorable little area features a cat population that outnumbers humans 10 to 1!

I know, you love cats so you're dying inside, overwhelmed with joy at the very idea, right? Well Japan knows how much we love cats and they definitely don't mind the tourism! Originally, these cats were brought here by fishermen in very small amounts to help control the rodent population, but cats did what cats do and they made babies. Lots and lots of babies.

Once word got out that Japan had little islands filled to the brim with cats, tourism began to flourish particularly in these areas. Japan has decided to take the idea and run with it.

Tourists love to visit Aoshima, bringing food, petting cats, and snapping photos. Now Japan wants to raise the bar and they have the purr-fect idea in mind.

It's a fact that pop music superstar Ed Sheeran loves cats.

He posts about his love of cats regularly and it's been written and talked about until the cows come home.

Now, Cat Haven Island has created a video to try and coax the crooner to come visit while he's touring in Japan.

It's literally adorable, watch!

Supposedly, he has not responded yet.

But we really hope he goes.

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