Scientists Find Out Cats Know Their Names, They Just Choose to Ignore You

Whilst we generally think of dogs as being smart, loyal and attentive animals who will happily come when called, it's safe to say that cats, on the other hand, are not usually thought of in the same way.

For this reason, it's been debatable among scientists as to whether cats can even identify different words.

However, a recent study by scientists in Japan has proven otherwise. Evidence was found that cats can, in fact, distinguish between human words. This means, for all we know, they could well be as clever as dogs when it comes to understanding the human language.

Atsuko Saito and colleagues at Sophia University in Tokyo conducted four experiments with 16 to 34 animals where each cat heard a recording of either its owner or another person's voice. The voices recited a list of nouns, including other cat's names, followed by the cat's own name.

Many cats reacted to the words being read, but gradually lost interest. However, on average, the group of cats perked up again when they heard their own name.

So, if they do know their names, why do they choose to ignore it most of the time?

Well, as it turns out, that is just cats being cats!

“Cats are not evolved to respond to human cues. They will communicate with humans when they want. That is the cat.” Saito explained.

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