15 Best Cat Posts From The Past Few Months

Cats always find a way to cheer us up, from snuggling in and purring, to crazy shenanigans that leave us laughing while clutching our sides. Some of us love to capture these moments and upload them to the internet, allowing millions of people to share the enjoyment our feline friends bring us.

With the internet so inundated with posts these days, it is quite easy to miss a lot of good quality content. So here are 15 of the best cat posts from the past few months that you might have missed that will no doubt bring a smile to your face.

This is one chatty kitty


"I used to turn the sink on to signal I need to use it and get him out. Now he just meows at me until I turn it on."

This cat is clearly training to be on American Ninja Warrior

"Screamed at me to let him on the balcony and now he’s doing this. Total drama queen."

Oh Lawd He Comin'


Just make sure you type gently

About to strut down the catwalk

"Dangerous boi"

This is the cutest video I have ever seen

"Portable cat hammock, hooman slave not included."

Hopefully it doesn't learn how to play Wonderwall

"Tic Tac is so tiny, he's 6 weeks old but looks a lot younger. He's wearing the tiniest sweater ever made, I think."

This is extremely wholesome

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