Purr-fect Cats We All Relate To On A Deeply Spiritual Level

There are lots of ways we can relate to animals. The Koala, for example, sleeps for 18-22 hours a day... I think my husband can relate. And I'm sure we all know someone who can relate to the Blue Whale, who eats up to 4 tons of food a day. Alright, lame jokes aside, there is one animal most of us can relate to in very special and unique ways. They're the best animal... ever.

You guessed right if you guessed cats. Cats are the ultimate companion and what's more impossible to ignore than the fact that there is hardly a cat on this planet we can't relate to? They just get us humans. The following cats especially I can relate to on a deeply spiritual level.

1. Boot Strap Nap

I could nap anywhere, just like this cat.

2. No vehicle is safe.

All you need is to pop a squat and the gentle purr of the engine and the soft movements of a vehicle knock you TF out.

3. I'm not a hoarder but...

I might need this box.

4. I am a master at balancing my responsibilites.

And like this cat here, my responsibilities are going to great lengths for the purr-fect nap.

5. No better way to nap

Maximum nap comfort is only achieved when one paw, I mean leg... is hanging off the bed.

6. The 'Ol Cat Nap

Studying is hard, napping is easy. Who else can't crack open a text book without inevitably falling asleep on it?

7. We're all too familiar with the question that follows:

How do you manage to sleep in such weird positions?

8. Anti-social Nap Behavior

You gotta do what you've gotta do to nap in isolation.

9. Chores? NO thanks.

Laundry makes me sleepy.

10. Dishes? Also no thanks.

Dishes also make me sleepy.

11. Waking up dazed and confused.

Let's face it, most of us have at some point or another woken up with no recollection of how we ended up passed out in such a bizarre place.

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