Cats That You Would Easily Mistake For Food At First Glance

Cats are constantly sleeping in weird positions. They're often very specific and confusing. 

But can you blame them, though? They spend most of the day sleeping, so they eventually run out of sleeping position and start inventing new ones that don't even make sense. 

Some cats' fur patterns are unique, and if you combine that with a weird and very specific sleeping position, the results are often quite confusing. At first glimpse, you might even mistake them for food.

The cats in the photos below were photographed by their humans from the weirdest angles, and they ended up looking like food.

1. "My cat looks like a rotisserie chicken"

2. Add an orange in the middle and BAHM! It's an egg

3. "My cats butt looks like my homemade cinnamon buns!"

4. The Kiwi in the middle looks kinda weird

5. Cat cosplaying as a croissant

6. "Melted mozzarella"

7. “Cat burrito wrap”

8. “My cat looks exactly like the one on her treat bag.”

9. "He looks like an Oreo donut when he's sleeping."

10. "Kitty Waffle Butt"

11. "So my cat is sleeping between my legs and then this happened and I laughed so hard he woke up."

12. A traumatised roasted marshmallow

13. A loaf of bread

14. "This angle of my cat looks like she’s only a head on a platter."

15. "This is Potato, the most underrated cat in the world, he looks like a baked potato and has no depth perception."

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