Amusing Photos Of Cats Hiding In Plain Sight

Cats are interesting little animals. They can climb all sorts of things that defy logical thought processes. They can balance on things that seem to defy physics all together. And most significantly quizzical about cats, how frequently we seem to stare right at them and not see them.

Hiding in plain sight, masters of disguise, accidentally camouflaged? All awkward realities for the human to cat relationship. On one hand, a cat's ability to sit so still with just the right colored background can lead to panic and chaos for the human seeking their feline friend. On the other hand, the moment of realization is always pawsitively hysterical!

1. Well, well, well.

Look what we have here, if you can.

2. Beware, this one will mess with your head.

Or make your eyes hurt, which could be worse.

3. A cozy bed

A good dog makes for a good place to hide.

4. Furry as heck

"I don't know what happened, it's like the cat just melted."

5. A heckin' clever disguise

Cats are known to be clever.

6. Look very, very closely.

If you don't see the cat, you might be looking too hard. Either way, this cat nailed it.

7. Blended

This is a whole new level of tripping over the cat.

8. That would have been a mistake.

A big one.

9. Who is hiding in who?

The world may never know.

10. That's not a shadow.

I know, the black cat fooled me, too!

11. "How do you know if your cat is trying to murder you?"

Exhibit A:

12. Cats are liquid.

In case you hadn't heard.

13. You're barking up the wrong tree, pal.

Wood'ya know?

14. Cat?

More like carpet with eyes.

15. Not a bad hiding place, cat.

Not bad at all.

16. Fluffy and Fabulous

It would be irresistible not to have a rug like this and a cat like this at the same time, anyway.

17. Cuddle Puddle

Perks: Hiding in plain sight.

18. Actually, I'm not even mad.

I'm impressed.

19. Sometimes things just happen.

Like losing a cat right in front of your eyes.

20. Well gosh.

This one might be 80% poor photo quality, I'm not sure. Cute cat, though!

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