16 Times Cats Hilariously Messed Up

Cats may have this outstanding reputation for being graceful, elegant creatures that always land on their feet but the truth is cats can be clumsy, silly, and they daily experience regret from their mistakes. They miscalculate distance and surface textures more than anything but sometimes it's as simple as they fell asleep in the wrong place or found themselves stuck in an unfortunate circumstance! Either way, we're literally rolling with laughter looking at these photos and we're positive you will find them just as hysterical!

1. Gravity will be a tough lesson

What goes up, must come down... unfortunately for this confused kitty.

2. Baking is harder than it looks

White cat is not flour... kitty you are confused.

3. The fluffy determination a cat posseses

Kitty wont give up until her prize is out of that house.

4. I hope that plant is worth it

Because falling will not be fun!

5. Well, you know what they say...

Comfort is a mindset.

6. Fascinating

This must have been very interesting for both the cat and the humans.

7. Purrfection

Have you ever related to a cat's facial expression more in your life?

8. This owner learned a lesson the hard way

Change the litter box much faster next time.

9. The Nope

Cats only want outside until they realize there is snow everywhere.

10. "I'm the baby now."

Well, you certainly are helpless like a baby.

11. When things don't go as planned...

I'm sure this kitty did not expect the trashcan lid to collapse!

12. It's all fun and games until...

Until kitty realizes exactly what has happened.

13. An entangled adventure!

This one is making us laugh pretty hard.

14. A major mistake

Now kitty knows where her head does NOT go.

15. Well now...

This just does not look comfortable at all.

16. This cat is experiencing regret

All of the regret in the world.

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