It Turns Out Cats Purrfectly Replace Famous Musicians On Iconic Album Covers

Alfra Martini, also known as aymvisuals, is a Digital Artist decided to start an epic project. Martini took world-famous, iconic album covers and replaced the famous musicians featured on the covers with kittens. 

If you even doubt for a moment that the kittens didn't take good photos and make them better then you're wrong. Kittens make everything better, that's a principal of the Internet. Which is probably why we all love this concept as much as we do. The only thing better than good music? Kittens, of course!

From Madonna to David Bowie, these kittens are the cutest rock stars we've ever seen.


This kitten version will really Get Into the Groove while you Vogue.


It's the purr-fect way to listen to Sunday Bloody Sunday.


These kittens would make Bon Scott proud.


Really, they should have just made the album cover with kittens in the first place. Clearly.


The Internet loves two things: Kittens and Queen. Combine the two? Ultra winning.

Bob Marley

No cats were stoned in the making of this album cover.


Don't mess with these kittens, they're tough stuff.

Little Richard

Let's all get one thing straight: that kitten wears that hairstyle almost as good as Little Richard himself.

Evlis Presley

The kitten king of rock and roll? Yes, please.

The Strokes

If ever an album cover was improved with a kitten, this is it.

Iron Maiden

Because kitties can be metal ASF rock stars, too.


Not that we don't all love ourselves some Kevin Bacon, but this kitten really rocks it.


This is all I want for Christmas.


Personally, I think this displays the creativity of the artist in new ways.

The Doors

Break on through to the other side... because there are kittens there!

John Lennon

Well there is not much in the world more precious than kissing kittens.

The Village People

If this isn't the cutest bunch of kittens in costumes you've ever seen then you need to show us cuter. I doubt you can.


Can someone please remake the whole movie with kittens?

Van Morrison

5 pictures of kittens? Purr-fect.


I'm paws-itive that this album is 10 times better with a kitten on the cover.

The Beatles

Are kittens bigger than Jesus?

Pet Shop Boys

Can we all just appreciate the kitten yawning? Thank you.

Sinéad O'Connor

The artist literally picked the purr-fect kitten for this album cover. Appreciate it.

Pink Floyd

Is this kitten also just another brick in the wall?

Tina Turner

This kitten is literally Tina Turner in cat form. Love it.

Billy Joel

There's nothing strange about this kitten!

Grace Jones

Kitty says, "rawr!"


Sweet Dreams are made of kitties. Who am I to disagree?

Nancy & Lee

Peas in a pod.


Smells like kitten spirit.


Smile and purr, kitty. Smile and purr.


These kitties are tough stuff.

Marvin Gaye

Have you ever wondered why there are so many kittens being born? Kitty Marvin Gaye. That's why.

Minor Threat

Please paws and reflect on how awesome this is. Thanks!

The Cure

Kitties are my cure.

Hall and Oats

I've only got eyes for kitties.

David Bowie

Fluffy Bowie kitty.

Giorgio Moroder

If eternity includes kitties, we'll consider it good.


Iconic, but with cats.


This is just too beautiful not to appreciate. This would also make a super cool looking t-shirt.

The Stooges

Everything is better with cats.

Led Zeppelin

And here we thought nothing could get better about Led Zeppelin, but low and behold: kittens!

Janet Jackson

This kitty has control over you.


There is nothing about this not to love.

Depeche Mode

Romantic kittens.

Joy Division

There is nothing unknown about the pleasures of having kittens in your life.


Straight outta meow-ton.


More like Hiss.

David Bowie

We just cannot get enough of this one. All time favorite? I think so.


Ride the lightning, kitty. Ride it.

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