Funny Comics Explain Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

It's a tale as old as time. An eternal debate. Which pet is the superior pet? Cats or dogs? For me, it's gotta be cats. My cats have always been highly relaxed and LOW maintenance.

They're cool if you leave them overnight, they don't tear the house to shreds, they don't bark at anything and everything. They're just more relaxed as pets.

The most recent dog I've had in my life was non-stop WORK. She was beautiful, loving and friendly, but she made a mess wherever she went, she dug, she chewed my shoes and she BARKED. NON. FREAKIN'. STOP!

I'm not alone in my opinion, below are some funny comics explaining why cats are truly the superior species.

This is straight up fact. Never had to wash my cat.

True, although, great security.

... True but you could always get a little dog.


You cat may use your iPad while you're at work, they're THAT smart! LOL

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