Hilarious Photos Of Cats Doing Weird Things Which Epitomizes Cats In A Nutshell

Cats behave how they want, when they want. And for their every action, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, except when they do weird stuff. To be honest, that can also be explained. Still, no one relay cares about explaining it, because they are so funny when they behave strangely. 

It is probably funny to us humans because cats seem like calculated, dignified and proud creatures, and to see them do something that doesn’t fit in that picture is unexpected.

We have collected some of the funniest pictures of cats doing something funny and weird.

Take a look; maybe you will find something your cat does. 

1. “My cat is lying on the ground after giving up its bed to a mouse.”

2. “Come on! Tell me everything that’s bothering you.”

3. Upside down world looks better.

4. "How my boyfriend’s mom’s cat sits:"

5. “I was doing some work late at night and my cat did this.”

6. This seems like a perfectly comfortable way to sit.

7. Hello there.

8. Leave me alone, I just woke up.

9. “She never meows for us to let her in. She just…. intensely stares at us until we do.”

10. “I couldn’t find my cat for an hour.”

11. Find the cat.

12. She is really afraid of the floor.

13. I just need one more selfie.

14. A perfect place to sit.

15. Go, unicorn, go!

16. “My cat is kinda weird sometimes.”

17. Give me your finger, human.

18. So, when’s dinner?

19. She wants to be a dog.

20. Where will she sit when she grows up?

21. The tip of the tail is orange.

If you have pictures of your cat behaving weirdly, share them with us in the comments section.

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