These Are The Most Hysterical Cat Tweets On Twitter Right Meow

It was in 2006 when Twitter hit the Internet and within a mere year over 60,000 tweets were being tweeted daily! As of 2018, Twitter had 321 million monthly active users. Clearly, the platform has transformed into a social media mega-giant that has become an integral part of many people's daily lives and everyone is using it for different reasons. Some people share educational posts, others use it for social justice purposes. Some people use it to share parenting tidbits, which are usually hilarious. However, some of the best accounts on Twitter are dedicated to animals.

If you love doggos, Thoughts of Dog is by far one of the best. But you're here today because like me, you are an absolute cat fanatic. Truly, cats are the best, and one of the best places on the Internet to soak up all the cat goodness that cats have to offer is definitely Twitter. I submit into evidence, the absolutely most hysterical cat tweets on Twitter right meow:

1. Creepin'

Can you imagine?

2. Absolutely SINISTER

This is a warning if I've ever seen one.

3. Organizational Skills On Point


4. Quoth the cat, "meow."

Clearly, the purr-fect response.

5. You were warned.

The warning was not sufficient.

6. Trust us, yes, you need this.


7. Cat: "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy."

Veterinarian: "No, you're definitely fat."

8. Happy Cat Noises

I don't think I've ever seen a cat so happy for a new bed.

9. Heeeeeere's Johnny!

Now you have a cat.

10. A beautiful surprise!

You have been gifted. Mazel Tov.

11. Was catnip involved?

I feel like catnip was involved.

12. Sweet Chips

Sweet old lady, too.

13. Hey, don't judge him.

We all gotta pay the bills somehow.

14. Staaaaaahhhhp

Cats are purr-fect actors, they know how to make a human feel like they simply must feed them.

15. Why? Why?

Why not?

16. Historic

Honestly, I'm very glad they left it up.

17. "Well, I never."

Hey now, I have the same reaction when I find out I'm pregnant.

18. Cat Gang

"You didn't see nuffin'."

19. Only the best for my catto.

He knows it, too.

20. Extra points for cute, many points for funny.

I love everything about this photo. So much.

21. Some cats like privacy while the poop.

Other cats like to read the paper, like the civilized folks of the 50's.

22. I'm legitimately impressed it worked.

Cats are something else.

23. Big stretch

I feel like I can die happy now that I've seen this. "

24. Determination

Look human, I was told I have to choose my human, and I've chosen you. So, if you could stop making this so difficult, that would be great."

25. So much concern on one furry, lil face.

Sorry, ma'am.

26. I bet it's a good quest, too.

One with a worthwhile reward.

27. Flawless communication skills.

This is a face you simply cannot say, "no," to.

28. Accurate ASF

I'm mildly annoyed how accurate it is.

29. "Why didn't anyon tell me I was this fabulous?"

The world needs to know.

30. Eggs

AKA: The absolute best seat in the house, obviously.

31. Somebody learned a hard lesson about cat grooming.

If anyone knows the story, we'd love to hear it.

32. Study Finds:

Startling results? Only to people who didn't already know cats are the best.

33. An instant classic

This belongs in a museum.

34. Important lessons about cats:

  1. They do what they want
  2. They do it when they want
  3. Nobody knows how or why

35. RIP Tom

Uh, JK. Awkward.

36. You have a really good cat.

She's like the Mother Teresa of cats.

37. So freaking stylish

This was the best Goodwill find.

38. Oh boy!

You're in for trouble, now.

39. And people say cats are bullies.

It looks like the bunny was the bully here, folks. MYTH BUSTED.

40. Tragic

Even the best plans can fail.

41. If you wait a little longer...

I'm sure an epic battle is about to take place.

42. "Okay you can take my picture."

"But before you post it, I need to approve it."

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